Wednesday, October 4, 2023

NY Gov. Cuomo Praises Trump During Howard Stern Interview

‘He has delivered for New York…’

Andrew Cuomo / IMAGE: MSNBC via Youtube

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo praised President Donald Trump on Monday morning for “delivering for New York” amid the Wuhan coronavirus crisis.

New York City is the epicenter for coronavirus infections and deaths in the United States, and Cuomo went out of his way to acknowledge Trump’s leadership during an interview on “The Howard Stern Show.”

“He has delivered for New York,” Cuomo said emphatically.

“The Army Corps of Engineers, we built thousands of beds. He sent the Navy Ship Comfort to New York. He has delivered for New York. He has,” he said.

Both Cuomo and Trump are native New Yorkers, as is Howard Stern.

Despite past grievances and several antagonistic prompts from Stern, Cuomo painted a complementary picture of the president and talked about their ability to set aside politics and help those suffering from the virus.

He also dismissed the media perception that Trump has denied federal help to those who’ve criticized him.

Stern said that “comforts me.”

Stern asked Cuomo if he thought Trump was happy that his brother, CNN host Chris Cuomo, had contracted the coronavirus.

Chris Cuomo and CNN regularly smear Trump, and he regularly fires back at what he calls the “fake news” network.

Again, Gov. Cuomo set the record straight.

“The President always makes a point of saying to me, ‘How is Chris? Is he doing okay?’” he said.

“He always makes the point to say that about Chris and always remembers my mother,” Cuomo continued.

Cuomo comes from a family of New York Democrats. His father, Mario, was a three-term governor.

Stern famously endorsed the elder Cuomo’s Republican rival, George Pataki, in the 1994 election and was instrumental in Pataki’s victory by many accounts.

Andrew Cuomo chalked up his nasty public spats with Trump to political disagreements and attributed part of Trump’s confrontational style to New York’s unique culture.

According to the New York Times, New York has had 195,031 confirmed cases and 10,056 deaths as of April 13—by far the most in the country.

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