Saturday, May 25, 2024

Cruz Crushes ‘The View’ on Left’s Bogus Election-Denying, Peaceful Protests Claims

'Whoopi, did I miss an entire year of Antifa riots where cities across this country were burning? ... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Fla., didn’t need any help shredding the far-leftist, bogus narratives that hosts of The View spouted during Monday’s show, but the co-hosts couldn’t help but provide plenty of fodder.

After having to scold audience members who shouted obscenities at Cruz, and after the hosts tried to shout him down when he dared produce a detailed list of election-denying Democrats, host Ana Navarro insisted that Cruz “lower his voice,” in an attempt to blunt the truth bombs he was dropping.

The self-inflicted hypocrisy outing continued as host Whoopi Goldberg seemed to prove Cruz’s point, when he claimed there was a blatant double-standard and bias about election-denying Democrats.

“There are a lot of folks in the media that try to, any time a Republican is in front of a TV camera try to say, the election was fair and square and legitimate,” Cruz argued.

“Do you know who y’all don’t do that to? You don’t do it to Hillary Clinton who stood up and said, ‘Trump stole the election,’” Cruz said.

“Or Stacey Abrams who said the election was stolen. They sat here and said it was illegitimate.”

“And it was,” Goldberg spouted, perpetuating the leftist media narrative.

“So it’s illegitimate when Republicans win, but not when Democrats win,” Cruz cracked.

“Here’s the thing,” Goldberg lectured with fabulist bliss, arguing that Democrats and the Left don’t resort to violence in protest.

“We might not like when Republicans win, but we don’t go and storm,” Goldberg said, apparently referring to the isolated J6 protests.

“Whoopi, did I miss an entire year of Antifa riots where cities across this country were burning?” Cruz asked in befuddlement. “Your position is the Left doesn’t engage in violence? Really?”

“I don’t even know what an Antifa riot is,” Goldberg dodged.

Not to worry, according to President Joe Biden, who argued that the violent domestic terrorist group was nothing but “an idea, not an organization,” when he was peddling whoppers on the campaign trail.

Twitter users graciously provided Goldberg with a history lesson, on both election-denying Democrats and “an idea” in action.

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