Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Cornell University Ditches Lincoln for Juneteenth

'To take his words (and bust) out of the hallway says something about our love of liberty... '

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Ahead of the federal fake holiday, Juneteenth, Cornell University removed a bust of famous American President Abraham Lincoln, along with his Gettysburg Address, from a display case where it had been for many years.

“Someone complained, and it was gone,” said Cornell University biology Professor Randy Wayne, speaking about the bust and the plaque, both of which had been on display since 2013, the College Fix reported.

“It’s been there since I can remember,” he added.

Wayne tried to investigate the removal of the bust and plaque from the library’s rare books, archives and manuscripts section, but had difficulty getting answers.

Librarians refused to divulge any details beyond the fact that somebody complained and got their way. He then asked Cornell President Martha Pollack if she knew what happened. “Dear President Pollack,” he wrote.

“I am wondering if you are aware that the bust of Abraham Lincoln purchased by Ezra Cornell and the bronze plaque of the Gettysburg Address that was beside it has been removed from the RMC in Kroch Library and replaced with nothing. If you are aware, can you tell me why? Thanks.”

Pollack has thus far refused to provide a response, despite Wayne’s persistent emails and calls.

Wayne lamented the cancelation of Lincoln, from whom he and his students draw inspiration.

“I show these documents to my class, as well as the heavy iron manacles worn by slaves. Yes, we have a Lincoln legacy that has been inspirational to me and my students. To take his words (and bust) out of the hallway says something about our love of liberty.”

Of course, every week there is a new story of an “elite” American university canceling some part of its past.

Earlier this month administrators of Washington and Lee University announced that they are planning to wall off Civil War General Robert E. Lee’s chapel’s main auditorium from a section of the building that features a statue of the general.

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