Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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COMMENT: American’s Last – Biden’s Strategy to Prioritize Illegals over American Citizens

The far Left in Washington has seen fit to prioritize the needs of illegal criminals over those of our citizens...

(Bianca Gracia) As a nation, we have always been proud of our generosity and compassion towards others, especially those who are less fortunate. But we must not forget that our first and foremost responsibility is to take care of our own citizens before we extend our help to others, including illegal aliens.

Our government has a responsibility to prioritize the needs of our citizens before addressing the needs of illegal aliens. We must ensure that our own people have access to healthcare, education, and other basic necessities before we allocate resources to support those who are not legally entitled to these benefits.

Americans are struggling to put basic necessities on the table. Eggs, gas, electricity and a host of other commodities are in short supply, and the Biden administration has chosen to value the needs of noncitizens over those of Americans. We cannot ignore the plight of our own citizens who are struggling to make ends meet, while we divert resources to support illegal aliens.

As a Conservative and a middle class American, I strongly disagree with the recent call by top House Democrats to increase funding for the controversial Case Management Pilot Program that aids illegal aliens facing deportation. It is simply unacceptable to prioritize funding for illegal aliens over American citizens and legal residents. This program not only provides voluntary case management services but also includes mental health services, school enrollment, legal aid, cultural orientation programs and connections to social services.

While some of these services may be important, they should not be provided to individuals who are in the United States illegally. Furthermore, the Democrats’ call for limiting Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s surveillance of illegal aliens is concerning. ICE’s mission is to enforce immigration laws and protect national security. Limiting their ability to surveil illegal aliens only hinders their ability to do their job effectively and efficiently. The CMPP was authorized by Congress in the 2021 DHS Appropriations Act, which provided $5 million in funding to FEMA for the program.

Democrats are now urging the Office of Management and Budget to continue the $20 million in funding for the program, in addition to instructing the Department of Homeland Security to prioritize establishing the program and not expand individuals subject to ICE surveillance. This stance demonstrates a willingness to prioritize the interests of illegal aliens over the security and sovereignty of our country. It is time for Democrats to prioritize American citizens and legal residents over illegal aliens.

We need to enforce our immigration laws and protect our national security, and the CMPP only undermines these efforts. Constitutional Conservatives must stand firm in their opposition to this program and demand Democrats refocus their priorities on the American people.

As billions of your tax dollars leave our homeland bound for foreign hands, we must recognize that our resources are not infinite. We cannot afford to provide for the needs of everyone in the world who wants to come to our country. We must set reasonable limits on immigration and prioritize the needs of our own people.

Our government must ensure that our resources are allocated to address the needs of our own people before we extend our assistance to those who are not legally entitled to it. We must enforce our laws and set reasonable limits on immigration to ensure that we are able to provide for the needs of our own citizens and maintain our nation’s sovereignty.

It seems that this central tenet of representative government has been discarded by the current administration. Instead, the far Left in Washington has seen fit to prioritize the needs of illegal criminals over those of our citizens.

Bianca Gracia is the co-founder and president of the Latinos for Trump Organization, and the founder and executive director of Latinos for America First PAC. She previously worked as Statewide Hispanic Engagement Director for the Republican Party of Texas and State Director for the Faith and Freedom Coalition. She is also President of Leaderes de la Comunidad, President of Americanos Conservative United, and was a former State Director and Advisor for Blexit Texas.

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