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Cold War Turning Hot: Leaked Docs Show Western Troops in Ukraine

'NYT describes the docs as authentic...'

(Ken Silva, Headline USAIn the early days of the Ukraine war last year, President Joe Biden promised not to put U.S. troops on the ground because doing so could spark a “world war.”

However, leaked classified war documents show that the U.S. and NATO are apparently doing just that.

The documents, which are on Twitter and Telegram, state that the U.S. has at least 14 special forces personnel in Ukraine, the U.K. has at least 50, while France, Latvia and the Netherlands also have troops there. The total number of U.S. personnel in Ukraine is 100, according to the documents.

The accuracy of the documents has not been fully confirmed. In an article Thursday, the New York Times reported that the documents are at least particularly authentic, but that they may have been altered by Russia.

“Military analysts said the documents appear to have been modified in certain parts from their original format, overstating American estimates of Ukrainian war dead and understating estimates of Russian troops killed,” the Times reported. “The modifications could point to an effort of disinformation by Moscow.”

However, independent journalist Michael Tracey noted that Biden White House officials have not disputed the records’ claim that U.S. troops are on the ground in Ukraine.

“There’s been no suggestion that this portion of the leaked documents was altered,” Tracey said, referring to the statistics about U.S. and NATO special forces personnel. “The only known claim of image-alteration relates to part of a separate document listing Ukraine/Russia casualty figures. Aside from that, NYT describes the docs as authentic.”

Along with the leaked documents, other reports have confirmed the likelihood that U.S. troops are on the ground in Ukraine—or will be soon.

Indeed, in February Politico revealed that retired U.S. Army LTC Alexander Vindman, who gained fame for helping Democrats impeach President Donald Trump over delaying a Ukrainian arms deal, is now a private contractor seeking to profit from having American boots on the ground in Ukraine.

“The plan is to find 100 to 200 experienced contractors who would travel to Ukraine and embed themselves with small units near the front lines,” Politico reported. “Under the project, called Trident Support, those contractors would in turn teach the Ukrainian troops how to fix their equipment on the fly.”

Moreover, Yahoo News reported in the early days of the Ukraine war that the CIA is overseeing a secret intensive training program in the U.S. for elite Ukrainian special operations forces and other intelligence personnel.

The Intercept reported later in 2022 that CIA and special forces operators are indeed in Ukraine.

According to The Intercept, President Joe Biden notified Congress about the undercover military operations, but he—like most presidents for several decades—has not sought a congressional declaration of war, which the Constitution demands before the executive branch can send troops into a conflict.

And along with having troops on the ground, there’s the likelihood that Biden had U.S. special forces help detonate the Nord Stream pipeline—an act of ecoterrorism against both Russia and Germany.

Meanwhile, the Times reported Thursday that the Biden administration is attempting to have the leaked documents removed from Twitter. The documents were still available on Twitter as of the publication of this article.

Ken Silva is a staff writer at Headline USA. Follow him at twitter.com/jd_cashless.

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