Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Chris Wallace: Psaki Restored ‘Civility’ to White House Press Briefings

'We wanted to provide them as much information, peel the curtain back as to what was happening... '

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Mainstream media hack Chris Wallace praised outgoing White House press secretary Jen Psaki for bringing “civility” back to the swamp during press conferences, Breitbart reported.

Wallace fawned over the press secretary for the better part of an extensive interview.

“You have been, I think it’s fair to say, been widely praised for your stint here at the White House. In fact, I have praised you for your stint here at the White House. How do you think you’ve done?” Wallace asked.

Psaki, never shy to praise herself or President Joe Biden‘s administration, took credit for bringing about a return to normalcy in the wake of the Trump era.

Psaki said, with a straight face no less, that “What was most important is that we reset the tone, that we reestablish the briefing room, the press office, and what we were doing as a source of information, accurate to the American people.”

She also noted that she brought about transparency to help Americans’ rattled nerves after Trump’s tenure.

“We wanted to provide them as much information, peel the curtain back as to what was happening and do it in a way that would hopefully calm the nerves of the prior four years.”

Wallace then turned sappy, shamelessly praising Psaki and promising to watch her new TV show, wherever that might be.

“We are going to miss you behind the podium, and if you end up at a cable channel other than this one, I promise I will watch you.”

Wallace did redeem himself by asking a few real questions, specifically asking Psaki to address why Biden has not answered many questions from the press, despite Psaki having self-congratulated the administration on its openness.

“Why has President [Joe] Biden been so sheltered from the press?” Wallace asked.

Psaki responded by dodging the question.

“In what way? He just did a press conference several weeks ago and he takes questions from the press nearly everyday,” she responded.

Yet even after the interview ended and Psaki left, Wallace embarrassingly continued to heap praise on her.

“The job of White House press secretary is tricky,” he concluded.

“Jen has done as good a job at it as any press secretary I can remember while restoring some much-needed civility to the White House briefing room. She will be missed.”

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