Friday, January 27, 2023
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Catholic Orgs. Receive Billions from Biden Gov’t to House Illegals

'The next step is to locate new permanent apartments in the community and learn to access and use other local relevant providers... '

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) In partnership with the federal government and America’s allegedly Catholic president, Joe Biden, numerous Catholic organizations are receiving federal funding to house huge numbers of illegal immigrants.

During 2008-2021, Catholic “non-governmental organizations” received over $3.1 billion in funding, amounting to $223 million each year, according to the Gateway Pundit

In 2022, Catholic NGOs received $599 million in funding, with $97 million of that being dedicated to the “Unaccompanied Alien Children Program.”

The federal government hands out the earmarked money via grants, which then force the private organizations to comply with certain federal demands; in this case, its demands that Catholic NGOs help aid illegal immigrants.

One of the most egregious organizations is Catholic Charities, which takes an openly pro-illegal immigration line.

“Catholic Charities also assists refugees, immigrants (documented or not) and asylum seekers with legal, basic needs, and settling,” their website says before articulating the numerous state-funded benefits that have been doled out by the private organization.

“Anyone that is struggling with their rent, immigrants or migrant workers from Mexico, and others that are homeless, can apply to transitional housing or homeless shelters. This Catholic Charities service gives support to people who were recently evicted or that have some other barrier, such as maybe a disability or they are a senior on a fixed income.”

According to the website, they also try to help illegal immigrants remain permanently in the United States.

“The next step is to locate new permanent apartments in the community and learn to access and use other local relevant providers.”

Not only are the illegal immigrants given financial and material aid, they receive “free or low cost legal aid” along with help in “the naturalization process, and navigating the complex process on citizenship.”

The website goes on to offer various means by which the illegals are given free food, health insurance, financial assistance, jobs and housing.

Things look especially dire when one considers that in fiscal year 2022, 2.7 million illegal immigrants crossed the southern border, most of whom receive some type of extensive aid, funded by the American taxpayer.

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