Monday, March 20, 2023
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Canadian Court Freezes $8M of Freedom Convoy Funds; Biden Calls on DHS to Monitor Truckers’ Movements

'This isn’t happening in China or North Korea, this is right here at home... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USACanada’s cabal of COVID autocrats has once again tried to sabotage the Freedom Convoy and its growing base of supporters protesting imperious restrictions, vaccine passports and mask mandates.

“The Ontario government says it has effectively frozen all donations made to the trucker convoy through GiveSendGo,” tweeted Canadian talkshow host Andrew Lawton.

“It is now a criminal offence to have any ‘dealing’ with money from donations through this platform.”

“The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has granted a request from the provincial government to freeze access to millions of dollars donated through online fundraising platform GiveSendGo to the truckers’ convoy protesting COVID-19 restrictions in Ottawa and at several border crossings,” reported the CBC.

A government spokesperson said the order “binds any and all parties with possession or control over these donations.”

The Freedom Convoy and its roughly 50,000 truckers and thousands of more supporters had initially raised about $10 million through the crowdsourcing GoFundMe platform.

The online platform gave truckers the boot last week, under pressure from a Canadian government and a boot-lapping media pushing bogus tales of violence and lawlessness stemming from the pro-liberty movement.

While those donated funds have remained in limbo, the Freedom Convoy had raised an additional $8.2 million through GiveSendGo.

That donated money has now been essentially seized by the government, prompting a swift backlash from pro-freedom advocates fed up with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his minions’ monarchal rule.

The backers behind GiveSendGo responded to the court order by telling the government to go hump a moose.

Where does the Trudeau government go from here, faced with a growing grassroots movement of opposition that shows no signs of relenting? If they listen to their fellow Stalinistas from across the border, it could turn ugly.

As truckers and their supporters continue to block the Ambassador Bridge, forcing auto plants on both sides of the border to stop or limit production, “the Biden administration urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government Thursday to use its federal powers to end the truck blockade,” reported the Associated Press.

Biden and his homeland security chieftain Alejandro Mayorkas are already manning battle stations and breaking into full dictatorship mode, panicked that the Freedom Convoy might move south.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has told local and state law enforcement that “the convoy could severely disrupt transportation, federal government and law enforcement operations through gridlock and potential counterprotests” as truckers make their way across the United States, reported Fox News.

“The agency said the convoy could begin in Southern California as early as this weekend, possibly disrupting traffic around the Super Bowl, and reach Washington in March in time for the State of the Union address,” according the AP.

The threat of freedom showing up on American soil has thrown the leftist media into hysterics, reported The Blaze.

“Slash the tires, empty gas tanks, arrest the drivers, and move the trucks,” tweeted CNN analyst and Harvard professor Juliette Kayyem.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford, the tundra rat behind the GiveSendGo raid, has already called the Freedom Convoy an occupation.

If Vegas took bets on the over/under for when radical, leftist activists and their Democrat allies begin calling the Freedom Convoy movement an insurrection, the clock would be ticking.

And for evidence of how Democrat despots deal with what they define as insurrection, just ask the prisoners who have been rotting in the Patriot Wing of the D.C. Correctional gulag for their J6 protests.

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