Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Calls Amplify for Using 25th Amendment to Remove Biden from Office

'This is how he represents us on the world stage. I don’t see how other countries ever respect us again... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday reiterated his call for Congressional Republicans to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Joe Biden from office, citing the president’s policy of capitulation in his $6-billion mishandling of an Iran prisoner exchange.

But Trump wasn’t the first of the week to sound the incompetence alarm on Biden, and he wasn’t alone in his assessment of the enfeebled president, when he wrote “call out the 25th Amendment, NOW! Biden is INCOMPETENT!” in a blistering Tuesday post on Truth Social.

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, on Monday presaged Trump’s original call for using the 25th Amendment, but based it on Biden’s horrifying performance during a press conference in Vietnam.

The adventures in senility hadn’t even started before Biden had gaffed his way up the short staircase of Air Force One, embarking on a whirlwind overseas tour that his handlers had showcased as a chance to display Biden’s physical stamina and mental fitness.

The trip devolved into a full-blown communications calamity when Biden went off script during a press conference where he was instructed to call on only pre-screened journalists. Instead, the event was brought to a sudden end as his handlers cut Biden’s microphone mid-ramble and cued up schmaltzy jazz tunes to accompany his abrupt and confusing exit.

In addition to dredging up his already much-maligned “dogface pony soldier” nonsense, the apparently cognitively addled Biden opened the press event by insulting his hosts with a bizarre misattributed line from the hit movie Good Morning, Vietnam.

“One of my staff members said, ‘Remember the famous song Good Morning Vietnam?’ Well, good evening, Vietnam!” Biden told blundered, calling the Robin Williams movie a song.

“Biden is out in Vietnam talking about lying dog-faced pony soldiers again,” warned Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo. “This is how he represents us on the world stage. I don’t see how other countries ever respect us again.”

Calls to oust Biden using the 25th Amendment over issues of incompetence from his mishandling of the $6-billion hostage swap and cognitive stumbles overseas followed in the wake of a CNN poll that revealed a series of brutal reality checks for Biden. The poll showed only 26% of Americans think Biden has the cognitive capacity to serve effectively as president.

Mark Pellin is an editor at Headline USA. Follow him at twitter.com/sabrepaw70.

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