Saturday, September 23, 2023

Male Inmates Seek Lock-Ups w/ Women Under Calif. Pro-Trans Prison Law

'There is no method to screen out males who genuinely self-identify as transgender from those who are using the system to prey on women...'

The transgender-skeptical Women’s Liberation Front and other pro-female feminist groups have called on California‘s politicians and prison directors to stop transferring biological men to women’s prisons and remove those who have been moved, Just The News reported.

A spokesperson for WoLF, a self-described radical feminist group, said prison transfers in California have “sped up dramatically in recent weeks, and the safety of these women has become more and more compromised.”

Last year, the California State Legislature passed and Gov. Gavin Newsom signed SB 132, a law that allows prisoners to choose which prison facility aligns with their self-designated gender identity.

The law took effect on Jan. 1 of this year, and within the first three months 255 men had requested transfer to women’s prisons.

In that same time span, only six women had asked to move to men’s prisons, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

WoLF’s spokesperson said “at least 28” biological men currently live in women’s prisons.

The group’s opposition to the transgender prison-housing law highlights a growing conflict between feminist and transgender ideology.

WoLF accepts the theoretical premise of gender dysphoria, the Left’s latest pet-cause as it works its way across the spectrum of sexual deviancy to normalize what was long considered a psychological disorder.

However, the group wants biological males to demonstrate their commitment to female identity by undergoing complete “reassignment” procedures, including surgery and hormone treatments.

“Under the law as written, there is no method to screen out males who genuinely self-identify as transgender from those who are using the system to prey on women,” WoLF wrote in a letter to the state’s top political and correctional leaders.

Woman II Woman, a women’s prison advocacy group, wrote in an open letter that it has received “hundreds of distressed messages from our sisters inside.”

“They are scared, angry, confused and in disbelief that legislators completely left them out of a decision that affects their mental health and safety 24 hours a day,” the group wrote. “Anyone can gender self ID to get a transfer, and who wouldn’t?”

Woman II Woman shared a message from an incarcerated woman in a California prison, where men now live.

“Ever since SB 132 was passed I have been living in constant fear. I understand, yes, I am in prison,” the anonymous prisoner said. “However, I am a survivor of abuse — so to have men incarcerated along side of me is fearsome. I have already been in an altercation with one.”

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