Monday, March 20, 2023
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Biden Sex Assault Accuser Bravely Comes Forward; Mainstream Media Ignores

‘His hands were down my skirt and up my skirt…’

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) Left-wing efforts to suppress a major breaking story about a sex assault accusation involving Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden seemed to have failed after the Twitter hashtag #IBelieveTara and other variants began trending Thursday.

Meanwhile, the response from deranged Biden supporters signaled not only that the #MeToo-era mantra of “Believe Women” had come to an end, but that it had been replaced with a newfound license for vicious smear attacks against rape victims.

Reade, a former employee of Biden’s, went public with her story in graphic detail despite a controversial decision from the supposed women’s advocacy group Time’s Up to refuse to represent and support her during the 2020 presidential campaign.

“His hands were down my skirt and up my skirt,” she said in an interview via Skype with Hill.TV.

After the assault, Reade alleged, “He pointed to me and said, ‘You’re nothing to me.'”

Many liberals fell back on one of their favorite go-to tactics, deploying McCarthyist fearmongering with accusations of Russian collusion.

The Russia smear against Reade, first promulgated by the Atlantic, echoed the unsubstantiated accusations that failed 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton made in her effort to block Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, from becoming the first female president.

Ironically, Reade’s accusations—and the left-wing efforts to discredit them—also evoked Clinton’s attacks on several of those who accused her husband, Bill Clinton, of sexual assault during his 1992 presidential campaign.

Like the former president, Biden has had an extensive history of accusers documenting uncomfortable encounters. His hair-sniffing and inappropriate touching were closely scrutinized in the early days of his current campaign but have now, largely, become a subject of ridicule rather than concern.

However, according to at least one Twitter user, Biden’s sexual indiscretion has been far from innocuous going back to his early days as a first-term U.S. senator.

Left-leaning media, such as the New York Times, were nonetheless continuing to suppress the story as of Thursday, in dramatic contrast with the attention given to anti-conservative accusers such as Christine Blasey Ford.

Ford attempted to derail the 2018 confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh with unsubstantiated allegations about a drunken high-school encounter during the 1980s.

The shakiness of Ford’s claims—and those several other women who later recanted or, in once case, acknowledged that the story was completely fabricated—led radical activists, and even some members of Congress, to insist that female rape accusers must be given serious credence and weight under all circumstances.

But the Left’s silence on the new developments had some wondering if, perhaps, those past demands were politically motivated after all.

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