Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Biden, Media Allies Pounce to Blame MAGA for Pelosi Attack

'The media wants you to believe that a hemp jewelry maker who lived with a nude activist is MAGA... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) President Joe Biden and his mainstream media allies sunk to new lows Friday when they rushed to blame so-called MAGA Republicans for the brutal assault on Paul Pelosi.

The husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was attacked in the couple’s swank Pacific Heights home in San Francisco. The alleged assailant was arrested and identified as David DePape, 42, a hemp jewelry maker with a history of drug abuse, who was a former Castro nudist protester who posted wild ravings on social media about COVID conspiracies, Qanon rants and religious screeds.

DePape reportedly showed up at the Pelosi’s $6-million home  at 2:00 a.m. Friday in his underwear, was initially identified on Pelosi’s 911 call as a friend, savagely beat Pelosi with a hammer while shouting, “Where’s Nancy?”

The odd circumstances surrounding the attack raised questions and concerns, mixed with condolences and well wishes from Republican lawmakers for Paul Pelosi, who was reportedly hospitalized and recovering from serious injuries. 

Even with the bizarre nature of the assault as background, Biden immediately blamed Republicans for the attack, with a compliant mainstream media following the narrative in lockstep.

“It’s reported that the same chant was used by this guy they have in custody that was used on January 6th in the attack on the U.S. Capitol,” Biden said while delivering a speech at Philadelphia’s Independence Dinner.

“I’m not making this up,” Biden said. “The chant was ‘Where’s Nancy!? Where’s Nancy!? Where’s Nancy!?’”

“This is despicable,” Biden shouted. “There’s no place in America. There’s too much violence, political violence, too much hatred, too much vitriol.”

“What makes us think that one party can talk about stolen elections, COVID being a hoax – it’s all a bunch of lies – and not affect people who might not be so well balanced?” he demanded. “Enough is enough is enough.”

“Biden connects despicable Paul Pelosi attack to Republican talk of stolen elections,” wrote Bo Snerdley. “Mr. Divide America goes at it full throat again.”

J6 Inquisitor and Pelosi stooge Rep. Adam Kinzinger, RINO-Ill., jumped on Biden’s blame-MAGA bandwagon, using the horrendous attack as an excuse to hype the Jan. 6th Committee.

Kinzinger made no reference to Biden’s earlier calls at the infamous Red Rally, when he demonized Republicans as “an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” The leftist media ignored it as well, opting instead to pick up the blame MAGA banner and run with it.

As facts, and more questions and concerns, emerged from the investigation, the bogus narrative that Biden and his media collaborators concocted was left in shambles.

“The media wants you to believe that a hemp jewelry maker who lived with a nude activist is MAGA,” said Todd Starnes.

“The Paul Pelosi attacker makes hemp jewelry and is a nudist activist,” cracked another Twitter user. “That sound you hear is the legacy media scrambling to limit the exposure of this story after insinuating that MAGA hatred was the reason for the attack.”

“Did the media care when Lee Zeldin was almost *assassinated* TWICE?” asked Kyle Becker. “If not, then excuse me if I turn out their breathless coverage of this Paul Pelosi saga.”

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