Saturday, December 2, 2023

Biden Instructs Staff to Deny Existence of 4-Yr.-Old Granddaughter Navy

'What an absolute disgrace... '

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Reports coming from the White House indicate that President Joe Biden’s aides have been instructed as to the number of grandchildren to attribute to the President and his wife, Jill Biden.

In the reported number, six, the staff will omit Hunter Biden’s illegitimate daughter, Navy, who is four-years-old, Fox News reported.

Last week Hunter finally settled an ongoing child care dispute with Navy’s mother. Yet both Joe and Jill have refused to recognize Navy as one of their grandchildren.

The president himself had even listed six grandchildren during April’s “take your child to work day” at the White House.

He ignored her once again when the LSU Tigers Women’s Basketball Team visited the White House after winning the NCAA national championship.

“I’ve got four granddaughters,” Biden stammered. “We had some pretty athletes. I was a good athlete. My brothers weren’t but all the real athletes in my family are women so, anyway.”

According to the New York Times, the look is so bad for President Biden and his wife that it could even cost them votes in the upcoming 2024 election.

“The strength of his political persona, which emphasizes decency, family and duty, was enough to defeat Mr. Trump the first time around, and he would need to keep it intact if Mr. Trump is the Republican nominee in 2024,” the NYT‘s op-ed said.

Numerous conservatives on Twitter blasted the president and his degenerate son for their refusal to acknowledge their connection to Navy.

One Twitter user called it an “absolute disgrace.”

Another called the president and his son “monsters.”

The four-year-old girl allegedly speaks about both Joe and Hunter often, and recognizes that both her father and her grandfather are very famous. Nonetheless, she has never met either of them, and it does not appear that she will ever be acknowledged by them.

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