Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Biden Admin Admits to Secretly Smuggling Immigrant Kids into NY, Other States

'They know that Joe Biden’s open border policy is a political disaster, so they’re trying to hide the consequences of that policy in the dark of night...'

President Joe Biden‘s administration was forced to admit it has been smuggling illegal immigrant minors into New York by plane at night, following a New York Post bombshell earlier in the week.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki remained brazenly unapologetic about the issue during her Tuesday press conference.

“Why is the administration flying thousands of migrants from the border to Florida and New York in the middle of the night?” Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Psaki.

Psaki responded, claiming that “It is our legal responsibility to safely care for unaccompanied children until they can be swiftly unified with a parent or a vetted sponsor. And that’s something we take seriously.”

Upon further questioning, Psaki acknowledged that “in recent weeks, unaccompanied children pass through the Westchester airport.

Moreover, she said New York was not alone as Democrats scramble to spread future voters throughout the interior of the United States.

“It’s no surprise that kids can be seen traveling through states, not just New York,” Psaki said. “It’s something that—we’re also working to unite children with their family members or vetted sponsors in other parts of the country, as well.”

In New York, which lost a congressional seat due to a mass exodus of residents into red states like Texas during the pandemic, the influx of illegals now seems to be reversing the damage wrought by failed leftist policies.

The children are being settled throughout New York City and surrounding suburbs—including the Bronx; Brooklyn; Queens; upstate Newburgh and Bridgeport; and Danbury, Connecticut.

The New York Post projected that up to 2,000 have been smuggled in so far, with many more soon to come.

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., noted the secrecy of Biden’s plan, suggesting that it indicates the extreme unpopularity of his open-border immigration policy.

“The obvious reason why they’re flying these migrants across the country in the dead of night is because they don’t want to reveal the consequences of their open borders policy,” Cotton said.

“Look, if they were proud of their policy, if they thought it was a political winner for them, they’d be having these flights in the middle of the daytime,” he added. “They’d be coordinating it with the local TV stations, they’d be celebrating what they view as a great accomplishment.”

Cotton also emphasized the catastrophic consequences for the nation from such a failure, pointing out the mass number of immigrants already crossing the border without the explicit aid of the U.S. government.

“But they know that Joe Biden’s open border policy is a political disaster, so they’re trying to hide the consequences of that policy in the dark of night,” Cotton said.

“It’s very hurtful for President Biden politically, but it’s a catastrophe for our country,” he added. “We’re going to be close to 2 million migrants crossing our border very soon.”

In addition to the political mess, Cotton called Biden’s secret immigrant smuggling a “moral catastrophe” because it was “creating incentives for very dangerous and immoral behavior,” such as encouraging human trafficking.

Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis also expressed his frustrations with the Biden administration.

“If the Biden Administration is so confident that their open-border policy is good for our country, why the secrecy?” he asked.

“Why is the Biden Administration refusing to share even the most basic information about illegal alien resettlement in communities throughout our state and the entire country?” his spokesperson added.

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