Monday, December 11, 2023

Biden Admin. Endorses More Baby Killing, OKs Mail-Order Abortion Pills

'That is patient abandonment and an egregious example of playing politics with women’s health and safety... '

The Biden administration has taken another step to promote its radical pro-abortion agenda with the approval of mail-order abortion pills, The Federalist reported.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) previously required women seeking abortion to obtain the drug from certified physicians. That prerequisite was lifted earlier this year when the FDA announced it would “exercise enforcement discretion” during the pandemic.

Now, the only thing that is required to get the “Mifeprex pills is a prescription from an abortion supplier via a telemedicine consultation,” reported the Federalist.

Abortions performed at home using these pills are dangerous, causing more than a 500 percent increase in emergency room visits due to complications.

Chemical abortion has been the focus of studies around the world, with a general consensus that it is dangerous.

“Large-scale, peer-reviewed studies show chemical abortion is at least four times riskier for women than surgical abortion,” said Tara Sander Lee, Ph.D., senior fellow and director of life sciences at the Charlotte Lozier Institute. “Complications can include severe bleeding, infection, the need for surgical intervention, and in some instances even death.”

Physicians who literally phone it in to prescribe the baby-killing drug will have to certify that they can provide emergency care to deal with potential adverse effects, including excessive bleeding, FDA officials said, according to the Associated Press.

The change still means many more doctors will be able to write prescriptions and American women will be able to fill their orders at far more pharmacies, including via online and mail-order services.

That is a violation of a doctor’s duty of patient care, said Lee.

“No video chat, possibly from hundreds or even thousands of miles away, can replace in-person evaluation by a doctor,” Lee said. “That is patient abandonment and an egregious example of playing politics with women’s health and safety.”

Ohio, Oklahoma, Montana, Indiana, Arkansas, Arizona, and Texas have taken action to limit or prohibit the use of this program. Other red states are expected to follow.

“[Abortion activists] promote abortion drugs as easy, painless and private,” Susan B. Anthony List State Policy Director Sue Liebel said.

“Science says otherwise,” Liebel said. “Already-exhausted ER doctors and nurses will be forced to ‘clean up after’ an abortion industry that puts profits before safety and won’t regulate itself—all to please Biden’s radical base and pay back political allies.”

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