Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Behar Mocked for Claiming SCOTUS Passes Gun Legislation

'They want people running around with guns... '

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) “The View” host Joy Behar revealed her ignorance to the world this week on live television, saying that the Supreme Court of the United States passed gun legislation, the Western Journal reported.

Despite her outlandish claim that the Supreme Court writes and passes legislation, leftist “fact checkers” have been remarkably silent on the matter.

“The Supreme Court is poised to pass a bill contradicting the New York City, state laws,” Behar said.

Failing to notice that she made an elementary mistake, Behar powered forward, screeching about people who care about the 2nd Amendment.

“We have very strict gun laws here, and they would like it to be — apparently somebody has put it on their desk that New York should be an open carry state and an open carry city with all of the density in this city.”

She concluded her childish rant by claiming that 2nd Amendment supporters would like America to be the Wild West, which might scare away middle class people that she pretended momentarily to care about.

“They want people running around with guns. People — middle-class people will be leaving in droves if that happens,” she concluded.

Legal minds on the right were quick to call out Behar on her nonsense.

According to Stephen Gutowski, a 2nd Amendment expert, Behar was wrong on multiple counts.

“Here’s a quick fact check for you: The Supreme Court rules on litigation, it does not pass legislation. The case is about concealed carry, not open carry. It wasn’t ‘put on their desk’ by ‘somebody,’ it was filed by the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association.”

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