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Arizona Made Massive Order for Ballot-Stuffing Machines in March 2020

'This is the highest levels of the government. This is how far it goes... '

(Joshua Paladino, Headline USA) In March 2020, four months before tyrants and their enforcers in the media told Americans to stay at home to stop the spread of COVID-19, a private Arizona ballot printer placed the largest-ever order for ballot-stuffing machines.

Somehow Runbeck, the election services company that placed the order, had advanced knowledge that it would need to stuff more absentee ballots into envelopes than at any other time in American history, UncoverDC reported.

The United States had not yet plunged into the stay-home-stay-safe charade, but Runbeck made the right decision: the number of absentee ballots that were cast in the 2020 election would almost double from 33 million in 2016 to 65 million in 2020.

Runbeck happened to print the ballots that Maricopa County used in 2020.

“Runbeck placed the largest order in the world ever for ballot envelope stuffing machines on March 1—How did they know? I have the order and everything,” said Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, who conducted a forensic kinematic audit of Maricopa’s election.

Rather than a forensic audit, which analyzes ballots in themselves, Pulitzer looked  at the ballots from “printing, the folding, sorting, and mailing” to “the return process, the election handling process, and eventual scanning, tallying, and election recording of the votes—and reporting of the final outcome.”

That investigation made him confident enough to assert that Runbeck used pre-determined algorithms to print ballots favoring Joe Biden and then injected them into Maricopa as the trailing Democrat needed them.

“91.62 percent of the predetermined ballots were cast in favor of Joe Biden,” Pulitzer said.

The research also learned that no mail records exist that could have tracked the election printer’s purchases.

“Runbeck printed over 4,089,000 ballots. We don’t have an answer for that,” Pulitzer said. “That is why ballot cracking is key.”

The month after Runbeck bought the ballot envelope stuffing machines, the Postal Service discontinued its practice of taking pictures of everything that it ships and then saving the picture for six years.

“As soon as Runbeck ordered the machines our United States Post Office stopped its mail cover program—on April 1. It undid it from six years and changed it to 30 days,” Pulitzer said.

“Let the election run, let Biden get installed, and then turned it back on. We do not have the physical evidence trail. That’s what I was telling you. This is the highest levels of the government. This is how far it goes.”

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