Monday, January 30, 2023
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Ariz. Gov. Candidate Kari Lake Savages Biased Journo in True Trump Style

'My personal opinion is, I think the Democrats are despicable... '

(Chris Parker, Headline USA) A tirade between Trump-endorsed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and a liberal reporter for the Arizona Republic failed so badly at denouncing the candidate’s campaign that the paper decided to scrap the entire story, reported the Gateway Pundit. 

The 20-minute interview included numerous accusations against the GOP candidate by a Left-leaning reporter for the paper. The conversation, which primarily focused on immigration and border security, began with a friendly tone but soon turned hostile. 

While the paper refused to publish the interview and story, Lake had her team record the exchange in its entirety.

In one exchange, the reporter accused Lake of dodging a question about her opinion on DACA, a proposal to give some young illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

Lake replied by reminding the reporter that it’s not currently an issue: “I’m sharing my personal opinion. The Democrats had a chance to talk to the president, potentially make a deal, they walked away.

“My personal opinion is, I think the Democrats are despicable,” she said.

“They use large groups of the population, they dangle carrots in front of them, and they pull them back. That’s my personal opinion.” 

She also reminded the reporter on numerous occasions that DACA is a federal issue and Lake is running for state governor. She also asked the reporter for her personal opinion on the issue. The reporter deflected her request. 

The reporter also accused Lake of flip-flopping via a Facebook post. Lake reminded her that it was just a question being posed to other Republicans for their consideration – not actually discussing her opinion. 

Lake used her 27 years of journalism to help defend herself and her proposed policies. She even convinced the reporter to admit that the Arizona Republic had been pestering her for an interview (her campaign previously turned down numerous interview requests). She received an endorsement from Trump.

The paper also refused to publish her op-ed detailing her policies because it used the word “invasion” in reference to illegal immigration. That decision is what initially led Lake to refuse the paper’s requests for interviews. 

How did her media performance and Trump endorsement impact her campaign? So far, Lake has a double-digit lead in the primary race. 


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