Saturday, September 23, 2023

AOC Taunts Right in Latest Push to Abolish Electoral College ‘Scam’

‘If the GOP were the “silent majority” they claim, they wouldn’t be so scared of a popular vote…’

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) After claiming last week that the U.S. Constitution was a scam, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez, D-NY, raised the stakes by saying her Republican detractors were too chicken to abolish it.

Specifically, Ocasio–Cortez was referring to the Electoral College, the process outlined by the 12th Amendment for determining proportional representation among each state polity in the national presidential election.

Without evidence, the race-baiting freshman congresswoman alleged last week that the system inherently suppressed minority votes.

“Due to severe racial disparities in certain states, the Electoral College effectively weighs white voters over voters of color, as opposed to a ‘one person, one vote’ system where all our votes are counted equally.”

Following push-back over her outlandish rhetoric, she followed up with a tweet on Friday.

Critics have pointed out that a popular-vote method would leave the door wide open for corrupt blue states with lax election laws to commit widespread voter fraud.

A study released this month found that a majority of states had counties with more registered voters on their rolls than residents, resulting from failures to enforce voter-registration procedures required by the Bill Clinton-era “Motor Voter” law.

In California alone, a recent audit turned up 84,000 duplicate voter records, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Additionally, several major “sanctuary cities” allow non-citizens to vote in local elections and provide them with government-issued identification cards that closely resemble driver’s licenses.

Many on the Left insist that verifying voter identity at the polling place is also “racist.”

While Ocasio–Cortez’s tweet claimed to be calling the GOP on its bluff about the ‘silent minority,’ left-wing activists fought tooth-and-nail to prevent a comprehensive census count from determining what proportion of the population comprised illegal immigrants.

The U.S. Supreme Court determined the Trump administration’s citizenship question to be valid, but due to a relatively minor procedural issue it remanded the case back to a lower court in New York, where a liberal judge threatened to delay congressionally mandated printing deadlines for the decennial population count.

Top Environmentalist Groups Aren’t Backing Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez/IMAGE: screenshot via Twitter

Instead, far-left Democrats, including ‘AOC’ and her fellow ‘Squad‘ members, have been vocal advocates for open borders, comparing detention facilities to Nazi concentration camps, and demanding that illegal immigrants be released into the U.S. without processing or adjudication.

Current efforts to abolish the Electoral College—along with other once-dismissed Democratic agenda items, such as slavery reparations and packing the Supreme Court—promise to figure prominently into next year’s election should one of several socialist-leaning candidates in the presidential primary race be nominated.

Led by top contenders Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., many on the Left have expressed openness to the policies being pushed by the party’s extreme fringe.

Sanders recently acknowledged that energy policies widely supported by Democrats, such as Ocasio–Cortez’s Green New Deal, would require that the entire energy sector be nationalized, much as it was in Venezuela.

It remained unclear whether Ocasio–Cortez planned to follow up on her earlier taunt about the election process by double-dog-daring the GOP to cede private industry to government hands.

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