Sunday, December 10, 2023

Leftist Lawyer Group Enables Antifa’s Thuggish Activities

‘The cops are going to be the ones that are getting f***ing beaten in Milwaukee…’

Antifa/ IMAGE: Stumptown Matters via Youtube

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) The growing possibility of violence from leftist radicals during the 2020 campaign is bringing under scrutiny the coalition of activist–attorneys dispatched to help groups such as Antifa duck the consequences of their actions.

With only three candidates remaining in the once crowded Democratic primary field, the media focus has shifted to the two-person horse-race between socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders and the preferred establishment candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, while ignoring the last female candidate, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

The Left’s inherent sexism and racism notwithstanding, one issue that threatens to boil to the surface during and after the Democratic National Convention in July is the potential for extreme violence among its fervent base.

Sanders supporters have voiced admiration not only for Soviet-style policies but also political intimidation tactics, as revealed in a recent Project Veritas investigation.

“We’re going to make [the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago] look like a f***ing Girl Scout f***ing cookout,” Sanders campaign field organizer Kyle Jurek said, according to the Washington Times.

“The cops are going to be the ones that are getting f***ing beaten in Milwaukee,” he said. “They’re going to call out the National Guard for that s**t, I promise you that.”

Groups like Antifa, which first came into the spotlight while protesting President Donald Trump during the 2016 general election, have been linked to the funding of mega-donors like George Soros.

Even more directly aiding and abetting their jackboot attacks is the radicals’ unofficial legal arm, the National Lawyers Guild.

The NGL is a network of about 150 chapters not counting its 100 or so student chapters, according to a recent American Greatness report.

The legal coalition openly supports Antifa for [t]aking militant and confrontational direct action . . . are a crucial part of the fight against fascism,” said the report.

Its hard-left lawyers help “to ensure that the virulent white nationalism sweeping the country is met with militant resistance” and “directly confront fascism by shutting down far-right demonstrations,” according to NGL’s website.

Ironically, while openly defending violent tactics, the group’s propaganda has claimed that its anti-law-and-order efforts were justified because America “cannot depend on the government to meaningfully intervene and prevent the rise of fascism,” as several noted in a 2017 San Francisco Chronicle op-ed that sought to paint a heroic portrait of the domestic-terrorist organization.

The group justifies its violence with vague claims of opposing “white supremacy,” although it widely comprises privileged, middle class whites who have been indoctrinated to radicalism on college campuses.

It casts a wide net, however, failing to distinguish between peaceful opposition—or even simple support for Trump and other conservative candidates—with what it claims to be Nazi-like suppression of the Left.

“We believe far-right extremists have successfully twisted the right to free speech to cast themselves as victims of exactly what they strive to promote—hate and violence,” wrote NGL leaders in the op-ed, promoting conspiracy theories of a government targeting campaign focused not on their lawbreaking but their political agenda.

“This campaign to recast antifa as a violent, leftist suppression of speech is a dangerous effort eerily reminiscent of the left-baiting that accompanied the Nazi rise to power,” the NGL claimed, ironically ignoring the socialist roots of Nazism.

The solution to NGL’s delusions of persecution? Become precisely that which it claims to loathe.

“The National Lawyers Guild won’t stand by as fascists and white supremacists seek to take power in the streets and halls of government,” said the op-ed. “We stand in solidarity with all who fight hatred.”

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