Monday, January 30, 2023
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After Gay Superman Bombs, Woke DC Comics Pushes Pregnant Joker

'They're very strange backup stories is what I can say. They're funny and weird, and they tonally feel very different from what we're doing...'

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Although DC Comics’s shameless LGBT virtue-signaling has been widely rebuffed by audiences, the iconic media company continues to double-down, sometimes using situations so contrived that even The Riddler would be puzzled.

After failing to gain traction with a gay Superman and an openly bisexual Robin (confirming long-held suspicions), the Joker has become the latest character to be added to the LGBT spectrum by getting pregnant and giving birth, ComicBook.com reported.

In the latest installation of The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing, a magician named Zatanna casts a spell upon the Joker, leaving him pregnant with a child.

Zatanna at one point in the story casts the spell by saying: “No one else will ever have your baby!”

In an especially grotesque moment, the Joker delivers the baby Joker through his mouth.

Writer Matthew Rosenberg credited artist Francesco Francavilla for the “beautiful and amazing” illustrations of the pregnant man.

“It’s not like a traditional backup story where it’s a separate idea exactly,” Rosenberg said of the creepy scene.

“What they are, as the story goes, is going to sort of change and evolve—but they’re very strange backup stories is what I can say,” he continued. “They’re funny and weird, and they tonally feel very different from what we’re doing.”

Of course the woke scene is only the most recent iteration of leftist attempts to rewrite the past in an LGTB-friendly manner.

DC Comic writer Tom Taylor defended the failed effort to reinvent Superman as a gay hero by insisting that it would be a “real opportunity missed” if he were to create “another straight white savior.”

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, which functions as one of Disney’s LGBTB propaganda wings to millions of people worldwide each year, has also gotten on board the woke bandwagon.

Last summer, film critic Andre Freund asked star Natalie Portman if Thor: Love and Thunder is “the gayest movie ever made in the MCU?”

“I love that reading of it. Yes, I love that,” the actress responded.

“I mean, that is the core of the comics,” Portman continued. “I feel like that’s where it all started. It’s very true to the source material, I think.”

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