Monday, April 15, 2024

Actor Dennis Quaid: Power Grid Failure Would Make COVID Look Tame

'Just 30 days without electricity, it would take us back to 1880... '

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) In an interview with Fox News host Jesse Watters, actor Dennis Quaid issued a warning about a possible power fallout, saying the failure would make the COVID pandemic “look like a kids’ show.”

Quaid recently narrated a documentary called “Grid Down, Power Up,” where he addressed the lack of measures taken by the United States government to defend its power grid.

According to the Daily Wire, the actor elaborated on the complete anarchy that would take place with an attack from a foreign power.

“There have been several attacks on substations. I heard about one a couple of months ago,” Quaid said, moving on to reference a 2004 movie he starred in. “This is not Day After Tomorrow by the way, this is tomorrow, I think. It could happen.”

“Just 30 days without electricity, it would take us back to 1880. You wouldn’t be able to get gas. You wouldn’t be able to get food,” Quaid added.

He also explained that the government’s ability to enforce the law would be extremely limited, as police officers and military officials would stay home and care for their families. People would also struggle to find clean drinking water.

“This is something that if it does happen, it’s going to make COVID look like a kids show,” Quaid said. “We keep talking about it, but nothing ever gets done.”

The conversation turned to Quaid’s personal politics, with Watters asking the actor if he feels the need to censor himself working in Hollywood.

Quaid, a registered independent, said he feels comfortable speaking his mind much of the time and previously voted for both parties.

“Depending on which way the pendulum goes,” Quaid elaborated. “I’m not really happy with the way the pendulum is right now.”

He also argued that Democrats and Republicans need each other to provide national balance, but the current level of division alarms him.

“It usually takes some kind of big thing like World War II really brought — you know we really got our act together when that came up,” Quaid said.

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