SELLERS: 10 Good Reasons Not to Care about Herschel Walker’s Alleged Abortion

'By their own standards, in fact, Herschel Walker’s decision to fund an abortion should be an act of great virtue and bravery...'

(Ben Sellers, Headline USA) The Daily Beast was first out of the gate this week with an October surprise—a coordinated and well-planned attack from an anonymous accuser to smear a candidate who had threatened to unseat a Democrat incumbent.

Somehow, the media—based on its coverage—now appears to see Georgia senatorial candidate Herschel Walker’s past sexual history as more important than the threat of nuclear annihilation with Russia, the alarming rise in domestic authoritarianism, the possibility of long-term financial ruination for many Americans, and a host of other issues.

In all likelihood, I believe that Walker, a former NFL football great and legendary player at the University of Georgia, may have committed some of the sexual indiscretions for which he stands accused.

And I do not care.

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Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t either:

  1. It’s All Political

It’s too bad Walker’s accuser opted not to come forward during the primary season if she thought his moral flaws were prohibitive to his election. Then he may not have been given the opportunity to seek the job—or, if he had, it would be clear that his personal history took a back seat to his record of supporting the right causes.

The timing of the attack says everything. Those waging it do not see this as a problem at all. By their own standards, in fact, Herschel Walker’s decision to fund an abortion should be an act of great virtue and bravery. But they are gleefully promoting it, nonetheless, like the scandal of the century. Perhaps it is their own latent racism that opposes seeing the rise of an independent-thinking black man, over whom they have no control or leverage.

  1. The Media Ignored Biden’s Credible Rape Accuser

There are a lot of things we could point to and say that the Left’s current finger-wagging criticism seemed a bit disingenuous. Let’s remember that the major newspapers splashing front-page coverage of Herschel Walker’s alleged legal abortion have tried to suppress or shrug off an array of illegal matters concerning their chosen leaders.

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Chief among these was the hypocrisy of seeing publications like the New York Times stonewall and attempt to slut-shame credible Joe Biden rape victim Tara Reade after having pushed the notion that we should “Believe all women.”

Emboldened, the 79-year-old Biden has only continued, as president, to engage in creepy rapist behavior—often making young children the unwitting victims of his grabbiness, while doing so with impunity, in plain sight of their parents and the public—since pedophilia is just a quirky idiosyncracy of his, like his bowel incontinence or any other Biden gaffe.

  1. The Media Continues to Ignore Far Worse Things—with Serious Implications

We literally don’t know who is running the country right now. There is a senile man who humiliates us on the global stage each day—and that’s the best case scenario when he is not actively attempting to bring the full force of government down on his political adversaries.

This man is, in all likelihood, compromised at the personal level by foreign actors including China, Russia, Ukraine and Iran, all of whom threaten to undermine our American institutions from the inside.

There is evidence of serious crimes committed by Biden’s family members—and to restore any shred of faith in our democratic system, there must be some accountability for those who have betrayed the faith and trust of America on his watch.

All of these issues should weigh more heavily on media coverage than Herschel Walker’s tomcatting.

  1. Many Republicans Don’t Care about Abortion

The science shows that babies ripped limb-by-limb from the womb with a pair of forceps, or having their brains sucked out with a vacuum, DO feel pain.

That should be all that matters in the abortion debate, but for some reason it’s become a political wedge issue. And there may, at least, be some merit to the counterarguments that makes them worth examining.

Perhaps, from a utilitarian perspective, left-wing voters feel that the greater net evil is the societal impact that comes from bringing unwanted babies into the world. In truth, from a strictly practical standpoint, we don’t need the excess population, disproportionately affecting inner-city at-risk youth, any more than we need to open our borders to a bunch of people fleeing their ”sh**hole countries” for a better life here living off the welfare state.

As someone with libertarian tendencies, I, for one, struggle to understand why “pro-life” is a strictly “conservative” stance, per se. It seems inconsistent with other areas in which logic trumps compassion.

If humane solutions are the only acceptible standard for those imbued with the God-given blessing of life, then we need also to ban fly-swatters and mousetraps and delicious steaks. Where in the 10 Commandments does it say “Thou Shall Not Kill… but only if it is an innocent human who is not an enemy of war, convicted murderer or someone intruding on your property—all of which are perfectly justifiable reasons to open fire”?

I would much prefer that the emphasis be on strictly regulated abortions and ensuring that the government is not subsidizing the practice, thereby encouraging reckless behavior among those who can’t accept financial or moral responsibility for their actions.

And yes, there should be a sense of shame and social stigma attached, but taking the selfish way out of a bad situation should not preclude having it be an option that remains on the table.

When it comes to individual liberties, I support more freedom than less—and, as the vaccine mandates showed, I am none too thrilled with government diktats about my body. So, strictly speaking, if one removes the fact that you are literally killing babies, this is at best a non-issue—and arguably a good thing to at least have as an option for families unequipped to properly raise a child, who may well turn into a future Democrat voter.

  1. The Supreme Court Ruled on Federal Overreach, Not the Morality of Abortion

The Dobbs decision overturned Roe v. Wade not because abortion is evil, but because the law itself was unconstitutional. There was no legal basis, the court concluded, for interpreting an “abortion right” or imposing a federal abortion mandate.

Those familiar with the history of the case (the 2019 film Roe v. Wade does a serviceable job relaying it) know that the court behind the 1973 decision was caving to outside political pressures, rather than performing their duties to consider the rule of law.

As we recently saw in Kansas, some otherwise red states have even voted to allow abortion with no need for court intervention. That ballot referendum, although a loss for pro-lifers in the political column, was the ultimate victory for our Bill of Rights, offering a shining example for how the law governing abortion should be handled.

  1. Herschel Walker Did Nothing Wrong

At the time of the alleged abortion, that was the law of the land. For Herschel Walker to support an abortion financially, in spite of his moral opposition to it, was akin to someone paying his taxes even though he disagrees, in principle, with the idea of a federal income tax or what the government plans to do with that money. It was a fiduciary responsibility in which he was not the only stakeholder.

Perhaps Walker had his own reasons for not wanting a child, but clearly this was the mother’s choice, exercising her prerogative to seek an abortion. Why should Herschel Walker’s willingness to accept the responsibility of paying for it be a liability on him alone?

  1. We Still Don’t Know the Truth

More troubling than the question itself as to whether Walker sired illegitimate children or paid for an abortion is the question of whether he may be lying about it.

Thus far, he has denied in the most robust terms that he supported the alleged abortion, and he has threatened a libel lawsuit in response. The truth may come out in that court case, but not before Nov. 8.

In the meantime, barring any objective corroborating facts that may present themselves, we should give Walker the benefit of the doubt in any he-said, she-said disputes if only for the reason that this is a frequent tactic deployed on the Left to sow confusion à la Saul Alinsky.

Remember the anonymous accusers in the Brett Kavanaugh case, whose testimony was shocking and damning but ultimately was not corroborated? Remember the use of the anonymous impeachment whistleblower who allowed Adam Schiff to conduct his kangaroo-court hearings under the shroud of secrecy?

Let Walker’s accuser come forward and be held publicly accountable if, in fact, her allegations are able to bear scrutiny.

  1. Raphael Warnock Is Personally Reprehensible

Is the idea of tarnishing Herschel Walker that GOP voters should jump ship and flock to his opponent? How many abortions has the so-called Christian minister Raphael Warnock enabled through his actions?

There’s no telling what skeletons lurk in his closet—apart from having running over his ex-wife’s foot with an SUV. But that’s because, for the other side of the aisle, Warnock’s character a political non-issue. What matters is winning.

  1. Raphael Warnock Is Politically Reprehensible

So if Warnock’s moral deficiencies don’t matter, let us examine the ways in which he should at least be considered a political hypocrite.

He was recruited by Stacey Abrams to represent the black community in Georgia… by supporting a white president who has a long history of making openly racist remarks. Only a year prior to the election, Biden waxed nostalgic about his time working with segregationist Dixiecrats like Mississippi Sens. James Eastland and John Stennis, South Carolina’s Strom Thurmond, West Virginia’s Robert Byrd and Georgia’s own Herman Talmadge. “All these men became my friends,” Biden said, according to CNN.

In the Senate, Warnock has not been particularly active as a legislator, but he has been a reliable party-line vote. The Biden—Warnock policies promoting inflation have harmed black and white families alike, driving up the income gap and pushing many underwater. The unjust student-loan amnesty was an affront to all those in the working class who now must foot the bill for elite college students. Even Biden’s signature promise to put $2,000 back into the pockets of every Georgia voter in the days before the Jan. 5, 2021 runoff was one that he failed to fulfill.

Assuming voters supported the policies Democrats promised, they have not delivered. In the meantime, however, they have given Americans a lot of things nobody asked for, among them: inflation, $31 trillion in debt, a recession, gas crisis, violent crime, illegal immigration or a two-tiered justice system willing to abridge our constitutional rights.

  1. Walker’s Election to the Senate Serves a Greater Good

All politics and personal morals aside, a Republican Senate is absolutely necessary to restore the balance of power as one party, the Democrats, seeks to use its power to enshrine permanent majorities by ignoring and undermining the rule of law.

Walker, or the equally embattled Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania, or even pro-choice Sen. Lisa Murkowski in Alaska, could be elected and vote 90% of times with Chuck Schumer, but as long as they caucus with the GOP majority, that control of the agenda ensures that no additional damage can be inflicted for the duration of Biden’s term in office.

There are many other reasons we need a decisive turnover in Congress—including the need for oversight and accountability of Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, retiring COVID czar Anthony Fauci, FBI Director Chris Wray and others who, through their corruption or incompetence, have brought America to the precipice of disaster.

None of these have anything to do with Walker’s bedroom antics, even if the accusations were to bear out and one were to consider them offensive enough to preclude Walker from holding office. But the fact is, none of these things, based on the reportage of the left-wing Daily Beast, present strong enough cases to risk allowing the Biden reign of terror to continue unchecked.

Ben Sellers is the editor of Headline USA. Follow him at truthsocial.com/@bensellers.

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