Sunday, July 21, 2024

YouTube Says It Will Reinstate Trump’s Account After ‘Threat of Violence’ is Gone

'I don’t know a single Trump supporter that took this hoax seriously...'

YouTube claimed it would reinstate former president Donald Trump’s account only when “the risk of violence” had disappeared.

During an event Thursday hosted by the Atlantic Council, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said  that the company does not plan on making Trump’s ban from the platform permanent, but she added that they don’t have a definite date in mind.

“I do want to confirm that we will lift the suspension of the channel,” she said. “It’s pretty clear that right now where we stand that there still is that elevated risk of violence.”

YouTube banned Trump on Jan. 12—shortly after the Jan. 6 uprising at the US Capitol—for uploading a video that the company said violated platform policies. It indefinitely extended the ban over “continued concerns about violence.”

Twitter and Facebook also banned Trump. Twitter said its suspension is permanent and will not be returned, but Facebook referred its decision to ban the former president to its independent oversight board for review. Trump’s Facebook account could be reinstated by May if the board decides to grant him a return.

Democrats continue to insist that there is a continued threat of violence in the wake of the Capitol demonstration.

They asked the National Guard to remain in Washington, D.C. for another 60 days because of thinly supported claims of a “possible plot.”

Based on their monitoring of social media, authorities also claimed there would be another Capitol riot on March 4. However, no such thing ever materialized.

There were no signs of disturbance Thursday at the heavily secured building, with Capitol Police and Guardsmen on duty. The streets and grounds around the building remained closed off with an imposing razor-wire-topped fence.

Rep. Marjorie Greene, R-Ga., said concerns about another riot were just a way for Democrats to justify the militarization of Congress.

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