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YouTube Censors Anti-Fauci Whistleblower

‘We got word @realDonaldTrump watched the entire interview…’

YouTube Censors Anti-Fauci Whistleblower
Judy Mikovits / IMAGE: plaguethebook.com

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) The repeated censorship of scientists who have alleged hoaxes in the current coronavirus pandemic is casting doubt on whether virtue-signaling platforms like YouTube are committed to truth-telling or, rather, are engaged in their own left-wing cover-up.

A widely circulated video by Dr. Judy Mikovits this week raised serious questions about Anthony Fauci, a prominent member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force and the longtime director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

The original version of the video, although it was unlisted, garnered considerable viewership before it was removed overnight on Wednesday, citing YouTube’s arbitrary “Community Guidelines.”

Additional efforts to archive backup copies also have been blocked by powerful Big Tech forces.

The video’s suppression follows closely on the heels of several other controversial censorship measures involving tech companies, like Google-owned YouTube and social-media giant Facebook.

Another recent viral video by two California scientists that promoted coronavirus skepticism reportedly garnered 5.5 million views before getting yanked off YouTube.

The platform then reversed itself following massive backlash over the censorship, but it has continued to be inconsistent in applying its guidelines.

In fact, YouTube has acknowledged that due to reduced staff during the coronavirus, it is performing fewer human reviews. Instead, it has followed a familiar trope, previously deployed by Google, of blaming algorithms for the overzealous censorship.

Another Whistleblower Emerges?

Among the shocking allegations Mikovits has made, she claims that Fauci—who has become something of a left-wing folk-hero for second-guessing and undermining President Donald Trump’s efforts to fight the coronavirus pandemic—conspired with other top scientific researchers to forestall a groundbreaking report on the treatment of human immunodeficiency viruses.

Mikovits says in the video that the delay likely led many to contract HIV (and the resulting AIDS) who might otherwise have avoided the deadly disease.

Moreover, she accused Fauci and others of taking undue credit for the research in order to secure lucrative patents.

Mikovits also said that deep-state officials within the Justice Department arrested her and held her without due process while demanding that she provide them with government reports that she denied taking.

Left-wing critics moved swiftly in their effort to discredit Mikovits and debunk her claims by suggesting she had a personal score to settle.

Risky Research

Liberty Headlines has been unable to independently verify the claims in the 26-minute documentary, but Mikovits’s criticism of Fauci is consistent with other reports that have noted his cavalier attitude toward risky “gain-of-function” research.

US Taxpayers Funded Dangerous Wuhan Lab, 52 Congress Members Want it Stopped
Wuhan Institute of Virology / IMAGE: TVB Anywhere Life via YouTube

In a 2011 Washington Post article, Fauci defended his work using the lab-based manipulation of deadly viruses, claiming that the potential upsides outweighed the dangers.

“[D]etermining the molecular Achilles’ heel of these viruses can allow scientists to identify novel antiviral drug targets that could be used to prevent infection in those at risk or to better treat those who become infected,” he said.

But his approach may have helped cause the coronavirus pandemic if a widespread theory proves true that the virus originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Trump has espoused the belief, along with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and several prominent members of Congress, and even says he has evidence to support it that he cannot yet disclose.

Outlets including Newsweek have reported that Fauci gave at least $7.4 million to help fund the Wuhan lab, half of which went directly to the coronavirus research being conducted on bats by virologist Shi Zheng-Li and the nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance.

The goal of the research was to manipulate strains of the virus in order to predict tie “spillover” potential in its transmission from animals to humans.

Fauci and fellow scientists also may have contributed to significant delays in the U.S. reaction to the virus.

Not only was he among those downplaying worries about the pandemic in late February, but his support for unprecedented “curve-flattening” quarantine measures may be among the reasons that widespread testing remains unavailable in the U.S.

Although COVID-19 has proven to be highly contagious and deadly to a vulnerable subset of the population, some argue that it is far more widespread than projected, with most carriers experiencing mild or no symptoms, and that exposure to develop herd immunity would be more effective than attempting to contain it while researchers attempt to develop treatments and vaccines.

Dr. Fauci Pushes Back on Democrats' Accusations Against Trump: 'He Has Always Listened to What I've Said'
Anthony Fauci / IMAGE: Face the Nation via Youtube

Fauci also appears to be working with corrupt globalist institutions like the World Health Organization to favor certain “winners” in the race for a cure.

Although he hyped the breakthroughs of Gilead Sciences’ remdesivir last week, it was later revealed that the drug’s effect may be more limited than projections indicated.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed the standard by which they were evaluating it from preventing COVID deaths to measuring the length of time it took surviving patients to recover.

Meanwhile, Fauci has trashed the Trump-touted hydroxychloroquine, a widely available treatment that has seen positive results both anecdotally and in clinical research.

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