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WINTERS: Chinese Anti-Corruption Activist May Be U.S.’s Best Backstop against Communism

The movement understands that the Chinese Communist Party seeks to expand its power to the world at large...

(Natalie Winters, Headline USA contributor) The Chinese Communist Party declared war on the United States of America decades ago. But, this has gone largely unnoticed, as Beijing’s information, economic, media, and legal warfare is intended to fly under the radar.

Amid this communist-inflicted chaos, however, Americans have always had a strong ally: the New Federal State of China and its founder, Miles Guo.

Make no mistake, the movement is not affiliated with the current Chinese regime. The New Federal State of China and Guo are the Chinese Communist Party’s worst—and most vocal—nightmare. The effort is straightforward about its ultimate ambition: ousting the Chinese Communist Party.

This ambitious goal is precisely why Guo is so targeted by the Chinese Communist Party and their proxies in the U.S., ranging from leading law firms to political operatives in multi-million dollar schemes that have resulted in numerous criminal charges and prison sentences.

Guo doesn’t just speak about the regime’s human rights abuses or general oppression within the borders of China; he exposes their corruption on an unprecedented scale. And, through his understanding of the inner workings of Beijing, he reveals how it impacts the world, especially the U.S.

For example, Guo exposed corruption related to the Hainan Group (HNA), one of China’s largest conglomerates. He explained how the company has been used as a vehicle for the corrupt activities of Wang Qishan and his family members.

His insider knowledge—accumulated from a 30-year-long understanding of the corruption plaguing Beijing—makes him one of the most powerful critics of the Chinese Communist Party. The regime’s authority also relies on its ability to silence dissenters, and Guo’s continued ability to speak publicly directly undermines their power.

Guo has also shown members of the American elite, including those working in finance, law, media, academia, government, and more to have played an integral role in the rise of the Chinese Communist Party.

For example, he exposed deep Chinese Communist Party ties in leading American venture capital firm Sequoia Capital through the director of its China practice, Neil Shen. He also outlined how the Chinese Communist Party plotted to take control of Australian property and politicians, primarily through bribery.

In another bold act of defiance, Guo participated in an interview with U.S.-funded broadcaster Voice of America, despite a mountain of threats from the Chinese Communist Party to cancel the appearance.

Other Chinese Communist Party officials warned that the Pacific Alliance Group (PAG) would destroy Guo via a lawfare campaign if he proceeded, and the day before the interview, a subsidiary of the company filed a complaint against Guo in the New York State Supreme Court. Interpol also issued a red notice for Guo, calling him a “criminal suspect.”

Despite this intimidation, Guo did the interview. It was supposed to last three hours but was abruptly cut off before Guo began exposing crimes committed by Wang Qishan, China’s vice president at the time.

It’s evident the Chinese Communist Party will stop at nothing to silence Guo, even if that means infiltrating the Department of Justice and leveraging tens of millions of dollars in plots to repatriate him to China.

Political operative Elliott Broidy, a former Republican National Committee finance chair, was even promised nearly $100 million in exchange for successfully lobbying to return Guo to China. A key co-conspirator in that plot was Nickie Lum Davis, who recently received a two-year prison sentence for her illegal work to repatriate Guo.

The plot extended all the way into federal government agencies, including the Department of Justice, as senior congressional affairs specialist George Higginbotham also pleaded guilty to contributing to the scheme.

Higginbotham even met with Chinese Communist Party officials at their Washington, D.C., embassy in an off-the-record conversation about Guo. Another key player, former hip-hop artist Prakazrel “Pras” Michel, even met with the FBI to try to uncover Guo’s whereabouts.

Other Chinese dissidents have not faced treatment or harassment this intense or brutal. So, why is Guo’s freedom so threatening to the Chinese Communist Party?

The New Federal State of China’s opposition to the Chinese Communist Party doesn’t just derive from the atrocities the ruthless regime commits within the borders of China. The movement understands that the Chinese Communist Party seeks to expand its power to the world at large.

But, the New Federal State of China poses an existential threat to the Chinese Communist Party’s quest for global hegemony, and it exposes the communists’ American enablers.

Given how the Chinese Communist Party has compromised so much of the Western elite, it is all the more important for everyday Americans to recognize allies like Guo in fighting against the Chinese Communist Party’s presence in the U.S.

The NFSC: A Proven Threat To The CCP

Guo’s actions within China and abroad have earned him a massive following among those seeking to “Take Down The CCP.”

Commonly referred to as the Chinese Whistleblowers’ Movement, the New Federal State of China uses educational campaigns, media interviews, and peaceful protests to help spread awareness about the malign influence of the Chinese Communist Party. They’re working to help people understand that Beijing’s abuses are much deeper than its oft-quoted genocide of Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

Given the movement’s opposition to the Chinese Communist Party, it is a frequent target of mainstream media outlets, which seldom tell the truth about the movement and its intentions.

If Americans were to base their perception of the movement off of its portrayal in the media, they’d think the New Federal State of China is composed of far-right extremists engaging in election denial and insurrection incitement. In some instances, mainstream media outlets have even tried to foment doubt about whether or not Guo is genuine in his motives to oust the Chinese Communist Party from power.

That’s exactly what the Chinese Communist Party wants you to believe about the New Federal State of China. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth.

No member of the New Federal State of China, for example, has ever been arrested for engaging in violent activity at a protest or demonstration. That’s a fact the media conveniently refuses to print.

The New Federal State of China’s demonstrations attract large numbers of supporters, who, if they were protesting virtually any other cause, would garner significant attention from the mainstream media. But, because their target is the Chinese Communist Party, the media has engaged in a de-facto blackout on the movement.

The New Federal State of China also focuses on protesting other issues relevant to Americans, including opposing COVID-19 vaccine mandates and exposing the true origins of the virus itself.

The media also engages in lies of omission about the New Federal State of China and its peaceful protests—which are often in support of Western values like the rule of law and freedom of speech.

Mother Jones, for example, has repeatedly smeared the New Federal State of China and branded its members as supporters of far-right extremism. The “journalist” responsible for this campaign, Dan Friedman, even has ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Friedman previously worked for a company that sent writers on trips to China subsidized by a communist foreign influence group in exchange for “favorable coverage.” The allegation that the New Federal State of China is a far-right group is unfounded, as it is publicly nonpartisan and remains independent of American politics.

The issue of combatting Chinese Communist Party influence in the U.S. shouldn’t be a partisan one, warns the New Federal State of China; it should be an issue on which all Americans agree. And most do.

The media’s smear campaigns about Guo often distort his business dealings and fail to mention the decades of persecution he and his family have faced at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party. His parents were exiled during the Cultural Revolution, and this harassment even turned physical. Guo’s maternal grandfather was murdered by the regime, and his father was beaten—having his legs broken twice.

During the Tiananmen Square protests, a 19-year-old Guo sold his motorbike to donate funds to protesters. These actions led to his arrest on May 26, 1989, and a 22-month period of imprisonment.

On the day of his arrest, two Chinese Communist Party policemen raided Guo’s office and shot at his wife and infant daughter. Guo’s younger brother was shot multiple times in the incident. Though his brother was rushed to a hospital, police officers cruelly prohibited the doctors from saving his life, and he bled to death.

In 2006, Guo brought the first-ever land recovery lawsuit filed by a civilian against the Chinese Communist Party. He eventually lost the case, and two state-run proxies, Beijing Capital Group and Guangxi Sunshine Co., snatched his development.

Guo, however, ultimately sent Liu Zhihua, the then vice-mayor of Beijing who was behind the Beijing Capital Group, to prison for corruption and bribery. The investigation of Liu implicated 800 other Chinese Communist Party members and 3,000 non-members.

This sweeping scandal and the subsequent arrests were around the time when the Chinese Communist Party began to fear that Guo threatened their kleptocratic practices and rampant corruption.

It was events like these that instilled a resolve in Guo to fight the Chinese Communist Party. Channeling this fighting spirit, the New Federal State of China and its members work tirelessly every day to further Guo’s efforts to expose the Chinese Communist Party.

Taking Down The CCP Through Peaceful Protest & Education

One of the primary methods the New Federal State of China uses to spread its message about the dangers of communism and the evils of the Chinese Communist Party is peaceful protest. These demonstrations, which involve thousands of supporters, aim to educate Americans on the extent of communist infiltration of their own country.

And, unfortunately, there is no shortage of Chinese Communist Party influence peddling or American sellouts to expose. These protests should help Americans understand that they have an ally in the New Federal State of China to fight against the Chinese Communist Party’s unconventional campaigns and foreign influence operations aimed at compromising Western elites affecting the day-to-day lives of Americans.

In a perfect display of the quintessential American value of freedom of speech, the New Federal State of China has focused its peaceful protests on entities such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or major law firms like Paul Hastings LLP.

The SEC, for example, seized the funds invested by members of the Chinese Whistleblowers’ Movement into the rollout of a media platform, GTV, in early 2022. Not only did the decision cause serious financial damage to members of the New Federal State of China, but also the group reported that members of the Chinese Communist Party used the incident to unveil the identities of the financial backers of the New Federal State of China. In some cases, these supporters were “disappeared” by the regime’s security forces.

Though the SEC is a commission run by the American government, its targeting of the New Federal State of China is an outcome that the Chinese Communist Party couldn’t have decided better itself.

In response, New Federal State of China members spontaneously demonstrated in front of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 19, 2023, in a move to defend their rights and protest against the SEC’s actions. They wanted to take a stand against the grasp of the Chinese Communist Party on America’s justice system and government agencies.

The group’s protests are exponentially more important given the fact that mainstream media outlets refuse to report on the lawfare deployed against the New Federal State of China. The only coverage the movement receives is part of a broader smear campaign that depicts it as violent and affiliated with far-right American politics.

This lawfare has been waged by some of America’s leading law firms whose actions make them look like proxies of the Chinese Communist Party.

The New Federal State of China’s members are also speaking out against American law firm Paul Hastings LLP, the employer of Luc Despins, the trustee overseeing a bankruptcy case involving Guo.

The movement has tried to reveal the unfair and unethical nature of the appointment of Despins to this powerful role, as his firm has extensive business interests in China. Paul Hastings LLP has frequently worked for Chinese Communist Party-linked companies, even Asia’s largest private equity fund, Pacific Alliance Group (PAG). A PAG subsidiary, the Pacific Alliance Asia Opportunity Fund (PAX), has filed a lawsuit against Guo.

This is a major conflict of interest that the mainstream media refuses to report, so the burden of ensuring the truth about why so many elements of America’s legal system have been weaponized against the New Federal State of China rests solely on the shoulders of its supporters.

Through fllyers, banners, and in-person demonstrations, the New Federal State of China has held Paul Hastings LLP accountable for its work on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party. They’ve also revealed Despins’ substantive citations to antisemitic and anti-immigrant media outlets in filings attacking Guo during the protests.

The New Federal State of China has even held informative demonstrations focused on the true origins of COVID-19: a Chinese Communist Party-run lab.

The group has also participated in educational events such as Turning Point USA’s “America Fest 2022” event, which included over 10,000 attendees. Many attendees of the event were high-school- and college-age students, granting the New Federal State or China a unique opportunity to educate the next generation of Americans on the dangers of communism and how the Chinese Communist Party affects their daily lives.

These demonstrations always remain peaceful and primarily serve to educate Americans about the importance of “taking down the CCP.” Given the Chinese Communist Party’s stranglehold on American media, these protests are one of the last remaining ways the New Federal State of China can explain their mission free from lies or distortion.

Natalie Winters is an investigative reporter for The National Pulse. She has been credited with breaking dozens of exclusive stories on Chinese Communist Party infiltration into American politics, academia, and media. Her investigations have been cited by groups including the Congressional Republican Study Committee, the National Association of Scholars, and the Committee On the Present Danger China. She frequently appears on Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic, Newsmax, OAN, and more to discuss her work and co-hosts the National Pulse podcast with Raheem Kassam.

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