Friday, December 1, 2023

White House Removes Footage of Arguments Between Press Sec. and African Reporter

'They blacklist you...'

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) The White House purposefully deleted one of the heated exchanges between an honest reporter and press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre from Monday’s official live stream.

“I’m black, I’m an immigrant and I’m the little guy… I’m just trying to do my job,” the White House correspondent for Today News Africa, Simon Ateba said.

The missing portion showed Ateba accusing the White House of discriminating against him for trying to expose the leftists.

“Are you going to take questions from me?… you’ve been discriminating against me for the past nine months,” Ateba asked Jean-Pierre after she stated that the White House was committed to freedom of the press.

Jean-Pierre gaslighted Ateba by calling him “incredibly rude.” She then threatened to end the press briefing if Ateba wouldn’t stop doing his job.

“I’ve been in this briefing room. I’ve been trying to ask you one question,” Ateba responded.

The portion of the missing video was restored to the stream only after the White House was reached out for comment. As an excuse, the White House said that the portion missing was caused by an error with the encoder that feeds the live stream to YouTube.

However, Ateba said that the interaction was removed on purpose because, according to him, the White House has been consistently marginalizing him, icing him out of White House events, not answering his emails and ignoring him in press briefings for months.

Ateba then added that this could happen to anyone whom the White House would claim problematic.

“They blacklist you,” he said.

Ateba said that it is not his job to be friends with the White House. Instead, he is supposed to be the one who makes “those who are comfortable uncomfortable.”

“But what happens is if you do that… they try to sideline you. And the other people will be afraid to even come near you because [they] don’t want to be seen close to you because then they won’t get questions at the next press briefing and then they won’t be invited to social events,” he said.

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