Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Unedited Vid Appears to Show Actual Demon at Pro-Abortion Rally

Her jaw opens and closes, and it looks like she says 'help'.

(Joshua Paladino, Headline USA) Protesters gathered outside the home of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts on May 7, and video taken at the event shows a young girl with a demon’s face, the Gateway Pundit reported.

Douglas Blair, a news producer at the Daily Signal, captured the video. He pans from a clothes hanger scrawled in chalk on the road to the protesters, and behind a blonde woman appears a demonic face on a child’s body.

Several sources have claimed that the video is unedited.

When watching the video, pause at 13 seconds and slowly scroll through the next few seconds. Her jaw opens and closes, and it looks like she says “help.”

Although only about 12-years-old, the girl’s face looks old, wrinkled and toothless. Her hairline looks receded, and her eyes have a sullen, yellowish glint.

When she turns back from the camera, her dark-haired friend looks like a normal pre-teen girl. But the demonic face looks as if it protrudes from her face like a mask or a thick layer of makeup.

The young girl who looked demonically possessed was seen in other videos that day, walking with the same girl beside her. She can be seen from behind, with an unrolled paper in her hand at 25 seconds.

She appears in the video again at 55 seconds. She is holding the same rolled-up paper, but the face in this video bears no resemblance to the face in other video.

She appears again at 3:13 chanting “Our bodies; our choice,” and later, “Pro-life is a lie; you don’t care if people die.”

Additional footage from the illegal protest is below:

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