Monday, January 30, 2023
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UCLA Prof. Admits Fears of Marxist Infiltration in Academia Were Justified

'They staff the ballooning diversity and inclusion commissariats that assault us with vapid statements and inane programs couched in the language they learned in school... '

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) Russell Jacoby, an academic critic and history professor emeritus at University of California Los Angeles, recently published an article admitting that conservatives were right to worry about the influence of Left-wing scholars on young adults.

According to the Daily Wire, Jacoby, who published a book dismissing the fears of conservatives in 1987, reneged on his opinions in an article for Tablet.

“In 1987 I published ‘The Last Intellectuals: American Culture in the Age of Academe’ which elicited heated responses,” said Jacoby. “Only now do I see I got something wrong — as did my critics.”

Jacoby continued, explaining that he wrote the book as a response to a number of books in the eighties that predicted that Marxist-adjacent Critical theories being taught in universities would wreak havoc on our education system and the state of our nation overall.

“I argued that the conservatives should awake from their nightmare of radical scholars destroying America and relax; academic revolutionaries preoccupied themselves with their careers and perks,” said Jacoby. “If they made waves, they were confined to the campus pool.”

Jacoby claimed that the academics of the eighties pritorized career advancement to engage with the public on concerns like these.

“They penned unreadable articles and books for colleagues,” said Jacoby. “They were less subversive than submissive.”

However, Jacoby realized that he missed “the dawning takeover of the public sphere by campus denizens and lingo.”

Jacoby, who specializes in the history of academia and education, believes this change is a result of an increased number of openly leftist teachers on campus, as well as fewer opportunities to hire in students.

“In my own department in 10 years we went from accepting over a hundred students for graduate study to under 20 for a simple reason,” said Jacoby. “We could not place our students.”

“The hordes who took courses in critical pedagogy, insurgent sociology, gender studies, radical anthropology, Marxist cinema theory, and postmodernism could no longer hope for university careers,” he added.

As a result of the lack of growth on college campuses in the 1990s, leftists who would have become professors went out into the world, bringing the “sensibilities and jargon they learned on campus” into the workforce.

“They staff the ballooning diversity and inclusion commissariats that assault us with vapid statements and inane programs couched in the language they learned in school,” Jacoby continued.

“We are witnessing the invasion of the public square by the campus, an intrusion of academic terms and sensibilities that has leaped the ivy-covered walls aided by social media.”

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