Sunday, June 23, 2024

‘Something Bad Is About To Happen’: Tucker’s Dire Warning of 2024 Election

'Nothing that is happening now or that has happened for the last five or six years can be explained through conventional political terms...'

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) In a gripping address at the Risk On 360! Global Success Conference con Nov. 21, conservative host Tucker Carlson delivered a stark cautionary message about the looming 2024 presidential election, warning that it could be unprecedented and mired with turmoil. 

During his speech, Carlson painted a bleak picture of the future political landscape, stating, “2024 is likely to be like nothing we’ve ever seen.”

He emphasized, “Something bad is about to happen,” as he delved into the swirling cultural and political complexities gripping the nation.

“I flew out here across the country this morning and spent five hours texting people … and I gotta tell you, every single person I texted, with the exception of my wife — who’s not on the internet at all — was angry and paranoid,” Carlson revealed, as reported by the Daily Caller.

He emphasized the credibility of the individuals expressing concern, noting, “Seriously, and these are not crazy people. These are normal good people with like kids and stuff. With a vested interest in Americans’ success. These are not the burn-it-down caucus. These are the, you know, these are the people you want voting.” 

Carlson spoke passionately about the justified anger and growing apprehension among Americans. “And I have to say after assessing their views for five hours, I think they were justified in both. They had every reason to be angry and all the evidence required to become paranoid,” he added.  

Encouraging people to rely on their instincts and remain vigilant, Carlson stressed, “Your gut is the one thing that doesn’t lie to you. Your gut only has your interest in mind. It is not trying to sell you a product, or convince you to vote for it.” 

Carlson did not hold back when speaking about President Joe Biden.

“You’ve got two people running for president — one of them is literally senile,” he stated. “Nothing that is happening now or that has happened for the last five or six years can be explained through conventional political terms.”

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