REPORT: Effort to Thwart Ariz. Election Audit Involves China, Soros, Obama

'Importantly, your companies cannot escape liability for voter intimidation by cloaking your activities under the guise of a so-called "audit..."'

Although leftists have steadfastly maintained that vote fraud in America is virtually nonexistent, that hasn’t stopped them from throwing untold dark-money resources at blocking any effort to ascertain whether fraud occurred in the 2020 election.

With early legal efforts and good old-fashioned stall techniques having fallen short in Maricopa County’s bid to prevent an audit by the Arizona state legislature, leftist oligarchs appear to be bringing in the big guns, the Gateway Pundit reported.

That included some of the most sinister—and powerful—globalist forces on the planet colluding to obstruct the truth from coming to light.

Among those flying just below radar are: the Chinese Communist Party, former president Barack Obama, billionaire George Soros and America’s own Department of Justice, just to name a few of the deeply interconnected conspirators.

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A purportedly nonprofit group called the Protect Democracy Project is now running interference on behalf of Democrats in the Phoenix-area county where considerable election-night irregularities were reported.

The group is using lawyers—including Democrats’ go-to election fixers, Perkins Coie—to harass and threaten the would-be auditors in order to intimidate them out of accepting the task.

Ironically, the lawyers claimed that the methods used by four auditing firms, including knocking on doors to physically verifying voters, constituted voter “intimidation” tactics.

“[T]hese tactics—no matter their intent—constitute illegal voter intimidation and might expose your companies to both civil and criminal penalties,” said a cease-and-desist letter from the leftist law firms.

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They go on to claim baselessly that the official state audit would fall under civil-rights legislation passed to prevent the Ku Klux Klan from disfranchising voters, although they fail to explain how it would apply half a year after the election has occurred.

“[F]alsely accusing individual of being unlawful voters can violate both the Voting Rights Act and the Klan Act,” they wrote. “As does making calls to voters suggesting that they may suffer negative consequences from electoral participation.”

While it may seem like a last-gasp moonshot, the groups make clear that they have the full-force of the Justice Department ready to persecute the auditors for their efforts.

“Importantly, your companies cannot escape liability for voter intimidation by cloaking your activities under the guise of a so-called ‘audit,'” they wrote. “As the Department of Justice has previously explained, one can violate federal voting rights law even when it is purportedly part of an effort to investigate election crimes and fraud.”

In fact, the corrupt litigators said that the auditors should not only abandon their involvement, but that they had an “affirmative obligation” to flip on the state legislature and “take steps to prevent conspiracies to intimidate or injure voters in federal elections.”

The PDP is one of several umbrella organizations that was set up to help execute the election theft without readily identifying who the puppet-masters behind it were.

One of its offshoots, the Transition Integrity Project, made headlines after embarking on a sort of “war games” in July 2020 to play out the scenarios that might be needed to oust then-President Donald Trump.

Among the possibilities it floated were riding out election challenges through Jan. 20 to install House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as the temporary president, and even one that involved the secession of states like California, Oregon and Washington to form a new country called “Cascadia.”

Most of the outcomes favoring Trump in the election also involved fomenting widespread leftist riots to wreak havoc until Republican defectors abandoned all effort to resist the takeover.

Despite their seditious plot, the PDP now has expanded its reach to include hunting down and prosecuting those involved in the mostly peaceful Jan. 6 uprising at the US Capitol.

Although the leftist network is shadowy in nature by design, conservative watchdogs at the National Pulse were able to trace the spider’s web of links back to a whole array of well-publicized conspiracies and scandals.

Based on tax filings, the PDP’s list of executive staff includes key players from the Obama administration—some of whom were involved with the deep-state‘s Russia collusion hoax—a top deputy for George Soros’s Open Society Foundations and the CCP-linked Berggruen Institute.

The links also extended to figures in the Hillary Clinton campaign such as John Podesta, and to Biden administration National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, whose ascension to power from out of nowhere left even left-wing Politico hard-pressed for an explanation.

Among those leading PDP’s litigation efforts is Ian Bassin, a former associate White House counsel during the Obama administration, whose own trajectory included the Truman National Security Project with Sullivan and Hunter Biden on its board.

As the Gateway Pundit observed, Bassin was quoted in a Time magazine article, published in February, which effectively gloated over the cabal of networks that had conspired to disenfranchise at least 74 million Trump voters.

The article highlighted the PDP as one of 24 organizations leading the way in the theft.

“Every attempt to interfere with the proper outcome of the election was defeated,” Bassin said in the Time confession.

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