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Taylor Swift Craze Is the Left’s Latest Attempt to Turn Football Woke

'Kelce will have to be a hardcore leftist to maintain this relationship with Taylor Swift because that’s what her industry requires and that’s what the sports industry now requires...'

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) Although failed quarterback Colin Kaepernick may be heading to Canada, leftists are far from finished with their attempts to take one of red-state America’s most popular pastimes—football—and appropriate it for themselves.

Since going woke during the 2018 election, Taylor Swift, one of the most popular pop stars in the world, is constantly being used by the leftist establishment to push its social and political agenda to her millions of fans, including voter-registration drives that she has used in the past to try to assist Democrats in places like her home state of Tennessee.

Swift’s much-hyped relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, which has dominated sports coverage for the past two weeks, may result in the beloved American sport becoming even more woke, according to The Blaze’s Jason Whitlock.

He noted that the Left always has a way of richly rewarding public figures who betray their fans in services of its agenda—take, for example, Kaepernick’s lucrative marketing contracts with Nike and other brands.

“When you sell out, when you’re willing to throw away all of your value and hand your balls away and give them to a woman to put in a jar, they’ll send you the best in the business,” Whitlock said on his show. “They’ll send you one of the biggest icons in all of the world.”

Whitlock speculated that the leftist establishment that wants to control the people who worship these celebrities promised Kelce a “little skinny white girl” as a part of the deal.

In return, he noted, Kelce has been brought on to help rehabilitate Bud Light, the fallen brand that conservative boycotts drove into the ground after its decision to make transgender personality Dylan Mulvaney a spokesperson.

“Bud Light makes a fool of itself, ruins its business putting this ‘transgender man’ on a beer can and here comes Travis Kelce to the rescue,” Whitlock said.

“Travis Kelce, one of the biggest football stars, tough guy, headed to the Hall of Fame… yeah, he’ll fix it! He’ll cape up for Bud Light,” he added.

Kelce also took money from Big Pharma to promote vaccines—a way of negating the vaccine skepticism promoted by star quarterback Aaron Rodgers and others in the league.

“Now he comes back with another bag from Pfizer promoting the vaccine,” Whitlock said. “What professional athlete in the prime of his life and health would be out promoting the vaccine given all the data about the injuries and whatnot?”

After that, Whitlock reminded everyone of the reason why these celebrities and athletes, in particular, would do such a thing.

“That’s what these athletes will go for. They don’t stand for anything,” he said.

“… They all virtually would [do that] because they’re all controlled by money,” he added. “They’re radical materialists. They don’t have a set of values they stick to.”

He also explained that the establishment wants fans to have the same way of thinking.

“They want you to worship these guys and look up to them because they want to normalize the ‘hey, I don’t have a set of values; I do whatever the money tells me to do!’ [way of thinking],” Whitlock said.

As it was previously reported by the woke and taxpayer-funded NPR, this strategy seems to work because Swift was able to help drive a surge in voter registration after telling her fans to do that and, considering that Swift’s fans share her political beliefs, like being a feminist and supporting abortion, it is not a surprise who they would vote for in the upcoming 2024 election.

When it comes to Kelce, Whitlock said that he will be forced to adopt and push all of the leftist talking points and ideas that Swift has.

“As long as he’s involved with Taylor Swift, he’s got no shot… Kelce will have to be a hardcore leftist to maintain this relationship with Taylor Swift because that’s what her industry requires and that’s what the sports industry now requires,” he said.

People responded to Whitlock’s commentary in the video’s comment section on YouTube.

“The only question I have is who’s gonna break Kelce’s heart first: the jab or Swift,” one person wrote.

When it comes to the NFL, it has been corrupted by the Left a very long time ago. It was previously reported how the NFL funds woke organizations, prefers a “black national anthem” instead of the American anthem and mocks Christianity.

Kaepernick, the most infamous leftist football player, previously went as far as accusing his adoptive white parents of racism.

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