Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Son of Fla. Couple Arrested over Capitol Protest Pleas for Help

'My parents are good people who love their country and wanted to support their president, Donald Trump, and did nothing wrong...'

The 22-year-old son of a Florida couple arrested and indefinitely detained by the FBI for participating in the Jan. 6 US Capitol uprising has gone public with a plea for help while struggling to maintain the family farm.

In a crowd-funding appeal via Give Send Go, Zack Meggs said the arrest of his parents on Feb. 17 had left him and his younger relatives essentially orphaned while struggling to pay bills and keep up with the necessary chores.

This has left me, my sister, my 10 year old nephew, and my 2 year old niece without our parents and grandparents,” he wrote. “We have income less than $10,000 a year combined and have to pay the mortgage, utilities and grocery bills to keep our farm.”

He said the requested donations would go toward meeting some of the family’s basic needs, such as “keeping our land, feeding our animals(horses, goats, donkeys, dogs, etc), keeping food on our table as well as legal fees.”

Already, as of Tuesday afternoon, the fundraiser had passed the halfway mark in its goal of raising $100,000. In addition to financial support, the family was seeking prayer support.

Zack’s parents, Kelly Meggs, 52, and Connie Meggs, 59, are accused of conspiring to commit insurrection as members of the Oath Keepers—a mostly peaceful group comprising veterans of the US military, law-enforcement, and other civic and defense organizations, which is committed to preserving America’s democratic traditions and institutions.

Radical leftist organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League have libelously branded it an extremist organization.

Meanwhile, the deep-state FBI has sought to spin it as domestic terrorism in their relentless pursuit of pro-Trump demonstrators who exercised their First Amendment rights to voice their dissent while Congress met to certify the 2020 presidential election in favor of Democrat Joe Biden.

Zack Meggs, however, questioned the official narrative about his parents—potentially making himself a co-conspirator due to his anti-government speech.

We are a good Christian family,” he wrote, while brazenly casting aspersions on the accusations of the Biden Justice Department.

“I am active in my church as well as my mother who gave her time to helping those in need at a religious thrift store,” he continued. “My parents are good people who love their country and wanted to support their president, Donald Trump, and did nothing wrong.”

In a message to the Gateway Pundit, Zack further described the harrowing experience of his parents’ arrest:

“They took my father while on his commute to his job and they took my mother while she fed our animals,” he wrote.

“The feds proceeded to let all our donkeys loose and I had to find them in our neighborhood and bring them back,” he continued. “They pointed guns at my sister and I fear for the trauma my nephew might have gained from seeing his beloved grandparents being arrested by men armed with military weapons.”

Zack, who works a minimum-wage job, had to move out of his apartment and has been hounded by the media, he said.

Meanwhile, his father is being held in isolation for much of the day, awaiting a trial that could take months while federal authorities scramble to build a stronger case than the one House Democrats used in their failed impeachment mulligan against former president Donald Trump.

Of the roughly 300 demonstrators arrested (thus far) following the Save America Rally, many have been held indefinitely, without bail, as federal courts cite the coronavirus to justify denying them their Sixth Amendment rights to a speedy public trial.

The suspects range in age from their 60s to as young as 18.

Some of those who prominently breached the Capitol for photo ops on the speaker’s dais, or propping their feet on Nancy Pelosi‘s desk, have expressed remorse and recanted their Trump support while under duress.

However, others maintain that they were legal participants in an uprising not unlike countless events that Democrats have engaged in, with impunity, on government property.

Leftist protesters and terrorism groups like Antifa continue to vandalize and set fire to federal buildings on a nightly basis in places like Portland, Oregon, despite being widely ignored and dismissed by Democrats and their media allies.

In addition to the obvious double-standard, the disproportionate response to the Capitol uprising has raised broader fears that the totalitarian leftist state now in power could seek permanent constrictions on free speech to systemically suppress reasonable dissent.

One Florida man’s recent arrest for “entering a restricted property” wreaked havoc on a peaceful neighborhood as feds in military fatigues showed up in armored tanks for the pre-dawn spectacle, the Gateway Pundit reported.

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