Saturday, June 3, 2023
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SELLERS: Remember, Remember the 5th of November (2024)

'Who needs a metaverse when the one we are in seems to defy any normal laws of reason?'

Tuesday marked a new renaissance for Republicans and the first step in America’s emergence from some of its darkest hours.

In my native state of Virginia (which I am now proud to reacknowledge), Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin overcame the margin of fraud and led a GOP sweep to reclaim the commonwealth from the clutches of former Clinton surrogate Terry McAuliffe—whose long-checkered history of corruption and demagoguery is the embodiment of all that presently ails our nation.

While Democrats see the warning signs ahead, they remain both unwilling and unable to slow the Marxist juggernaut they have set on a collision course with our founding principles of liberty and justice for all.

The prospect of competent leadership under the Biden–Harris administration is next to none.

But one sign of encouragement has been the long-awaited epiphany among nontraditional conservatives—be they minorities or suburban soccer moms—in realizing that they have been utterly duped and gaslighted by the Left and its mainstream media allies into buying a bad bill of goods.

Even those who continue to ignore evidence of vote-rigging in the 2020 election and the cynical, fearmongering psy-ops that went hand-in-hand with the COVID pandemic can look around and see that Democrat leadership does not leave them better off.

When all else fails, leave it to gas prices and grocery bills to sway public sentiment.

Bearing that in mind, a poem that I wrote in the aftermath of last year’s devastating electoral defeat/cabalistic coup seems more prescient than ever.

Yet, as I reflect back to the circumstances in which I wrote it, there are many other things that nobody could have predicted in his/her/zir wildest dreams…


Looking at the ever-shifting dynamics in our daily headlines, it’s hard to believe that a full rotation around the sun has come and gone since the fateful Nov. 3 election that stripped the last remaining vestiges of faith and confidence in our once trusted institutions.

It has been a year rife with coping, resignation and stoic acceptance—but remarkably, with every turn of the screw, Democrats’ incompetent bungling and aggressive overreach, while difficult to watch and endure, has proven to be Republicans’ saving grace.

Thursday’s four top stories offer up a case in point:

  • Developments concering the rape of a Loudoun County teenager in a public school girls’ restroom by a dress-wearing “pansexual” boy
  • GOP senators’ plan to fight back against the Biden administration’s authoritarian, unconstitutional, job-killing and potentially dangerous vaccine mandates
  • New evidence that federal authorities likely staged a false flag operation to set up Trump supporters during the Jan. 6 rally at the US Capitol
  • A deepening scandal surrounding COVID czar Anthony Fauci‘s experimentation and torture of innocent beagle puppies

Even in 2020—a year punctuated by a phony impeachment, global lab-engineered pandemic and stolen election—such meta-level news items might have been unthinkable.

And speaking of “meta,” those were just the tip of the iceberg for the surrealism that was 2021.

Consider, if you will, that in the past month alone:

  • Alec Baldwin killed somebody.
  • Jeff Bezos sent 90-year-old William Shatner into space.
  • According to credible reports, the president of the United States defecated himself before the pope.
  • California announced its plan to regulate sex by imposing punishments on those who removed condoms without consent.
  • China test-launched hypersonic missiles capable of bypassing US missile defense systems—and nobody seemed to care.
  • Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg unveiled his plans to create an alternate dimension—a  Matrix-like, virtual-reality ‘metaverse’—and nobody seemed to care.
  • Obscene anti-Biden chants spontaneously sprung up throughout the country and around the globe, leading fake news media to pretend they didn’t exist. That, in turn, spawned a hugely popular meme, which inspired the creation of multiple songs that dominated the iTunes download charts, despite being censored for “bullying” on social media. And even though the rappers who popularized the meme were black, the leftist media being mocked by it claimed that the phrase deriding a decrepit, white, authoritarian leader (who once palled around with actual segregationists and Klansmen) was a racist dogwhistle.

Indeed, who needs a metaverse when the one we are in seems to defy any normal laws of reason?


All eyes are now fixed on Nov. 5, 2024, which not only will mark England’ annual Guy Fawkes Day, but may soon be known as the “Return of the MAGA,” when Americans used democracy to defeat the forces of anarchy.

Regardless of whether former President Donald Trump runs again or helps anoint a Youngkin or a Ron DeSantis to assume the mantle, it is the restoration of a sense of optimism and long-term vision that remains essential.

As America re-emerges from its coccoon, ready to fight the evil forces that threaten our way of life, Headline USA is also undergoing a metamorphisis of sorts.

Paul Chesser, the website’s charter editor, left in October to pursue an opportunity with the National Legal and Policy Center, one of several nonprofits that seeks to hold woke corporations accountable for their undemocratic and anti-American virtue-signaling.

Few tasks are more essential to America’s long-term survival than the work he is doing to prevent globalist oligarchs from exerting their will through commercial cancel-culture.

For myself, the opportunity lies ahead to continue to expand our little enterprise, which has struggled—as have many conservative news sites—under the oppressive thumb of Google, Twitter and Facebook.

On one level, we have committed to growth by bringing on extra freelance writers, a dedicated social-media manager and a new full-time staffer, assistant editor Mark Pellin.

Yet, the task ahead is a daunting one since there is no magic-bullet solution to Big Tech censorship. Any time conservative journalists begin to gain traction and claim their lot in the marketplace of ideas, a tweak of an algorithm can send it all crashing down.

Some are eagerly awaiting the launch of Trump’s forthcoming Truth Social, which may stand the best chance of providing a viable conservative alternative to social-media platforms.

But in the meantime, we must play the hand we are dealt.


The Googleplex campus
The Googleplex campus in Mountain View, Calif. / IMAGE: Google via YouTube

One way I hope to do this is by encouraging followers and supporters to access the site in a variety of different ways.

Much of our traffic comes from email subscriptions. Twice a day (and once on Sunday) we select four of our best and most relevant headlines to blast out to hundreds of thousands of readers.

However, that means many other stories never see the light of day.

It also means that Google, which handles the lion’s share of all online traffic, has the power to do everything from de-indexing web searches to demonetizing ads to sending our emails to spam simply for espousing positions it disagrees with.

And it has done all of these, repeatedly, without a second thought.

That is not to say that we don’t value our email subscription service, which has been immensely successful in making the site commercially viable where other sites’ business models have failed.

Still, the best approach in sticking it to the Man in Mountain View may be through the use of an RSS syndication feed.

The simplicity is reflected in the name itself—Real Simple Syndication—and all it requires is that one visit any number of sites that provide the RSS service for free and follow their instructions on downloading whatever widget you wish to use in order to deliver the feed to your browser.

The beauty of RSS feeds is that, like social media platforms, you can generally subscribe to all your preferred news sources and can customize the feed in any way you like.

Headline USA is also ramping up its social-media game—and while that means reluctantly putting time and effort in leftist sites like Twitter and Facebook, we also plan to have a presence on several conservative alternatives.

Eventually, that will include Trump’s site, but for now, fans of our content can find us at all of the following:

Ben Sellers is the editor of Headline USA and a PROUD native of Loudoun County, Virginia. Follow him at https://parler.com/user/Sellers.

Copyright 2023. No part of this site may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the copyright owner. To inquire about licensing content, use the contact form at https://headlineusa.com/advertising.
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