Tuesday, December 5, 2023

SCOTUS Will Hear Case w/ Huge Impact on Influencing Election Rules

'Joe is going to have no choice but to stack the court... '

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) The Supreme Court agreed Thursday to hear a major case made by North Carolina GOP lawmakers, who are fighting for the authority to draw election maps without the interference of state judges.

The court’s decision could have monumental ramifications that would impact congressional and presidential elections, determining whether state legislators can set rules for federal elections without interference from partisan judges and governors, reported Just the News.

The nation’s highest court will be taking up the case when the next term begins in October.

The case of Moore v. Harper is a request to the court to hold up the concept known as “independent state legislature” theory, allowing the state legislatures to have “independent” authority to set rules for federal elections in their state.

Neither the state’s governor nor the judges would be allowed to interfere or oversee the decisions.

North Carolina GOP House Speaker Timothy Moore requested the Supreme Court consider the case based on an appeal to the state court’s decision to strike down the theory, dismissing it as “gerrymandering.”

Critics of the theory believe that the reduction of judicial oversight of election rules would allow legislatures to draw election maps with personal interests in mind. That’s the job of partisan, party hacks who are indebted to leftist Democrats, they contend, and how dare it be challenged.

According to the left-leaning Brennan Center for Justice think tank, the theory “would give state legislatures wide authority to gerrymander electoral maps and pass voter suppression laws.”

While the organization did not cite any specific “voter suppression laws” in their statement, it seems likely that GOP voting sectors would require voters to provide valid identification in order to vote.

Many on the Left consider this to be a “radical and dangerous” move, and some leftist social media users even believe this could result in a civil war.

There were also some who believed this would give the Biden administration more incentive to attempt to stack the court.

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