Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Nick Sandmann Hopes to Become Defamation Lawyer, Hold Media ‘Accountable’

'We heard it with our own ears, and the bias is clear to the people watching on TV...'

Covington Catholic High School graduate Nicholas Sandmann, who famously stood his ground against a left-wing mob, said he wants to become a defamation lawyer and hold the corporate media “accountable” for its lies, Fox News reported.

“I want to be a lawyer right now and do defamation law, help people like myself and then potentially run for office and help as many as people as best I can,” he said Wednesday on Fox & Friends.

Sandmann is enrolled at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky.

He said the media’s spin, partisanship and unfair treatment of President Donald Trump are becoming more obvious.

“I think regular Americans in this country see it every day,” Sandmann said. “We see, you know, from press briefings that Kayleigh McEnany has to deal with on Twitter.”

“We see the Snopes fact-checks, like fact-checking that Donald Trump was wrong in saying that the Democrats omitted ‘under God’ from the pledge,” he said. “We heard it with our own ears, and the bias is clear to the people watching on TV.”

Sandmann spoke Tuesday at the Republican National Convention, where he described how the media ignored all evidence and attacked him with their “anti-Christian, anti-conservative…narrative.”

This is a media that completely ignored video online about the entire incident, and instead crafted the exact opposite that I walked up to Mr. Phillips, which isn’t true. It was never true,” he said. “And someone had to do something about it.”

Sandmann said he would have shared the same message about media bias at the Democratic National Convention.

“I would have given this same exact speech at the DNC if the Democrat National Convention actually cared about holding the media accountable,” he said. “But I haven’t seen that, and they never invited me to give such a speech. So, I used the platform I had.”

Since the incident, Sandmann settled with the Washington Post and CNN.

Yet, CNN’s employees escalated their rhetoric, with political analyst Joe Lockhart calling him a “snot nose entitled kid from Kentucky.”

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