Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Sad NYTimes Hit Piece on Tucker Carlson Reveals Its Obsession with Race

The Times makes no effort to understand why Tucker is so popular. The viewers must be racist...

(John McCann, Headline USAIn a blatant smear campaign, New York Times reporter Nicholas Confessore attempted to discredit and vilify Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

In a lengthy hit piece, north of 15,000 words, Confessore argues that Carlson is a “racist” that stokes “white resentment,” reported American Greatness.

Carlson has built a strong following over the last few years for his unapologetic pursuit of stories many other  journalists refuse to touch. He currently has the highest rated cable news show in the country, raking in well over 3 million viewers. But the NY Times posits that his success is a win for “white nationalism.”

In fact, the term “white nationalism” is used at least 10 times in the first piece of the hit job, with Confessore stating that Carlson “has adopted the rhetorical tropes and exotic fixations of white nationalists, who have watched gleefully from the fringes of public life as he popularizes their ideas,” according to American Greatness.

What evidence does Confessore give of Tucker’s racist bigotry? He wrote that, “Among the most frequent recurring characters on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ are black politicians like the Democratic congresswomen Maxine Waters and Ilhan Omar and Vice President Kamala Harris, whom Mr. Carlson has portrayed, against the available evidence, as a kind of shadow president.

“He regularly disparages Black women as stupid or undeserving of their positions.”

This claim ignores the fact that these public figures face real questions ranging from ethics violations to straight-up corruption.

Another telling quote from the piece gave an obvious indication of what the NY Times thinks of Tucker’s viewers.

“Night after night on Fox, Tucker Carlson weaponizes his viewers’ fears and grievances to create what may be the most racist show in the history of cable news.”

The Times makes no effort to understand why Tucker is so popular. The viewers must be racist.

Not a single Carlson viewer was interviewed and no critical introspection was done by the NY Times as to why millions flock to watch Carlson berate the political and media elite. The Times assumed that the people watching must be simple bigots who want their “white rage” fed by the man on the television screen.

The NY Times hit piece amounted to little more than an Orwellian Two Minutes of Hate by a media establishment that is angry that it is losing influence, as related by the Babylon Bee’s spoof of the alleged journalism.

The objects of these hate sessions vary on a weekly basis. A few weeks ago it was the LibsofTikTok Twitter account. Last week it was Elon Musk. This week it is Tucker Carlson. By the end of this week it will be Clarence Thomas and the other conservatives on the Supreme Court. And media entities like the NY Times will be sure to provide “evidence” as to why you should hate these people.

Carlson’s brand is all about going against the grain of the prevailing narrative. He provides a differing point of view on a mainstream cable news channel. The NY Times is lauded as the “newspaper of record” in this country, yet it seems to have no interest in figuring out why millions don’t buy into what they sell. The people must be wrong and therefore, they must be berated and demeaned.

And by doing this they prove one of Tucker’s main themes correct: the ruling class demands that all must fall in line; “shut up and obey.”




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