RUSH LIMBAUGH: Election-Losing Issues the Democrats DIDN’T Mention at the DNC

'They didn’t talk about law and order because they can’t...'

On Thursday, the most popular radio talk show host in America marveled at the number of topics and issues that participants in the Democratic National Convention ignored over the past four days — some that average Americans might think Democrats would be proud of. But they were mentioned little, if at all.

As explained by Rush Limbaugh in a transcript at his Web site:

I mean, they’ve tried everything. They’ve tried impeachment. They’ve tried Mueller. They’ve tried…

Look at what they didn’t mention last night. They didn’t talk about border walls. They didn’t talk about immigration.

These are issues people care about!

They didn’t talk about security. Personal, individual, national, they didn’t talk about it.

They didn’t talk about the need to appoint judges, to win so that they get to pick the judges. They didn’t talk about Kavanaugh.

Wouldn’t it have been ideal for Kamala Harris to revive what she did, how she deserved to be on this ticket because she was the ringleader of the get-Kavanaugh movement? And wouldn’t it have been a great time to explain to America why again Kavanaugh shouldn’t be on the Supreme Court?

And wouldn’t it have been a great time to remind Democrats where it’s crucial to have a Democrat president nominating court justices? They didn’t talk about it.

They didn’t talk about law and order because they can’t. They’re in the midst of trying to defund the fuzz. They’re in the midst of promoting rioting and looting and social unrest in their cities and states. They can’t talk about law and order.

Look at all of these issues that they have left to Donald Trump…

Read the rest at RushLimbaugh.com

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