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Report: Anonymous Finder of Jan. 6 Pipe Bomb Was an Undercover Capitol Police Officer

'They have not yet revealed the name of the USCP plainclothes officer and how they came to know his identity...'

(Ken Silva, Headline USA) For more than three years, the FBI and media referred to the person who discovered a pipe bomb outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters on Jan. 6, 2021, as a mere “passerby.”

But according to a new report from Blaze Media, that passerby was a plainclothes Capitol Police officer.

“Multiple congressional staffers familiar with the investigation confirm to Blaze Media that despite months of the FBI stonewalling congressional committees’ inquiries, they now know the identity of that individual,” Blaze reported.

“Despite congressional aides having given this information to Blaze Media as part of our extensive Capitol CCTV video investigations into the DNC pipe bomb incident, they have not yet revealed the name of the USCP plainclothes officer and how they came to know his identity,” the outlet added.

Blaze Media’s report seems to add credibility to Rep. Thomas Massie’s, R-Ky., earlier suggestions that the Jan. 6 pipe bombers were part of a false-flag operation.

Last July, Massie played video in Congress of the passerby—who now reportedly turns out to be undercover Capitol Police— “miraculously” finding a pipe bomb outside of the DNC headquarters.

Massie suggested at the time that the pipe bombs placed outside the DNC and RNC were distractions to divert law enforcement away from the Capitol, right around the time as the election protests were about to become violent.

“It was specifically at the same precise time to cause maximum distraction from the events going on at the Capitol,” he said last July. “It appears to me that that wasn’t a coincidence.”

However, FBI Director Chris Wray declined to answer any of Massie’s questions about the matter, including whether agents interviewed the person who found the DNC pipe bomb.

“I’m not going to get into that,” Wray said at the time.

The identity of the person who found the DNC pipe bomb is one of the many anomalies of the Jan. 6 pipe bomb case. The person to discover the device outside of the RNC was reportedly an FBI contractor.

An issue ignored by mainstream media, conservative outlets such as Revolver News have shown the improbability that the explosive devices could have been sitting outside the DNC and RNC headquarters for some 17 hours.

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., is among those who’ve called it “odd” that the Secret Service agents and their bomb-sniffing dogs didn’t detect the devices when sweeping the DNC area ahead of a visit by Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

And according to FBI whistleblower Kyle Seraphin, the bureau might be suppressing information about the pipe bomb suspect’s identity.

Seraphin, who worked on the Jan. 6 investigation before being suspended from the FBI in April 2022, told the Washington Times earlier this year that investigators linked the suspect to a D.C. MetroRail SmarTrip card. The card indicated the individual got off at a Northern Virginia stop after planting both devices on Jan. 5.

“So they tagged the entrance time and the exit time to that card to that guy. And then they found out who bought the card. And the guy who bought the card was not the guy who was using it,” Seraphin told the Washington Times.

“The card had never been used before. It was bought a year prior by a retired chief master sergeant in the Air Force, and he was a security contractor. So, he held a security clearance,” he reportedly said.

Seraphin reportedly added that the FBI used security camera footage from the Northern Virginia Metro stop to identify the license plate of a car that the individual entered.

Still, the FBI has not publicly identified the subject.

Additionally, Seraphin has alleged that the J6 pipe bombs were built with inert material and were incapable of detonating.

On the No Way, Jose podcast last May, Seraphin explained the implications of his disclosures.

“Here’s why that’s interesting: The feds are never going to give you a real bomb. If they’re going to set you up with something, it’s not going to be real. It’s going to be to set you up,” he said.

“And there’s no reason why we should not have run this person into the ground and found out who it was. And that person should have been charged. The only reasonable thing I can think of is: Somebody doesn’t want that person to be found, and the most likely reason is that person is or was a federal source for some agency at some point,” he said.

Headline USA has previously reported on a security clearance-holding counterterrorism analyst who vanished after claiming to identify the pipe bomber in 2022. That analyst, Jade Parker, has not been heard from publicly since then.

Ken Silva is a staff writer at Headline USA. Follow him at twitter.com/jd_cashless.

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