Saturday, July 20, 2024

Biden Admin to Pay Welfare to 1000s of Deported Illegals That He Invited Back

'It’s not about righting the wrong of the past. It’s about restoring the conscience of our government...'

In the middle of a resurgent pandemic, not only is the far-left Biden administration determined to undo all effective measures of border security, but it expects US taxpayers to bear the burden for supporting previously expelled illegal immigrants after inviting them back into the country.

The Democrat-run Department of Homeland Security stealthily issued a statement on Monday to open-borders activist groups who sought reimbursement for harboring and abetting the border-crossing illegals, Breitbart reported.

“When appropriate, the Contractor shall collaborate with other providers, contractors, and stakeholders to help ensure a ‘wraparound’ approach to services,” said the statement. “Services include but are not limited to: housing, primary health care, nutrition assistance, legal assistance, immigration and travel processes.”

The activists insist it is the government who put the expelled illegals in their current position by allowing children to remain in the country while sending back the parents.

“Parents are coming back with very little to no resources and coming back to very precarious situations,” claimed Christie Turner–Herbas, director of special programs for the Microsoft-linked Kids In Need of Defense, which stands to gain financially from these “wraparound” reimbursements.

Despite recent court rulings that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas had only limited “parole” authority allowing him to ignore federal immigration law on a “humanitarian” basis, DHS has proceeded with its plan to bring back an estimated 2,000 deportees who were separated from children during the Trump administration.

“Our highest priority is to reunite these families,” Mayorkas told MSNBC in May.

” … It’s not about righting the wrong of the past,” he continued. “It’s about restoring the conscience of our government.”

However, many of the groups who will profit from the new policy are the same ones who created the situation by fighting the Trump administration’s efforts to secure the border.

After the Republican president sought to close loopholes like the prior “catch-and-release” policy in favor of his own deterrents, such as the “Remain in Mexico” requirement for would-be asylum applicants, activists fought them in court.

The mishmash of legal interpretations left families in a state of limbo, with thousands forcibly—and, in some cases, voluntarily—abandoning their kids in the US.

For the most part, those rulings—while delayed for months, if not years—largely favored the Trump administration. But not only was defending against the specious litigation costly on the public coffers, the payments to activists who claimed to represent migrant interests mean taxpayers will foot the bill twice for their failed legal assault.

And while Trump’s favorable court rulings still stand, Mayorkas’s refusal to enforce the policies has enabled the exact outcome that due process previously rejected.

The DHS statement emphasized that “class members” of illegal immigrants who filed for benefits were in no way exposing themselves to any possible liability of future deportation from the current administration.

“Terms of establishing contact for pre-reunification and post-reunification include … Informing the class member that this effort is NOT for DHS, HHS or any government entity to track them, but rather to aid in their recovery from traumatic separation,” said the statement.

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