Sunday, June 23, 2024

Chicago Prosecutor Slams Soros-Backed State’s Attorney Kim Foxx in Resignation Letter

'The agency for whom I work has backed literally every policy change that has the predictable, and predicted, outcome of more crime and more people getting hurt...'

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) Jason Poje, the acting assistant State’s Attorney and a longtime prosecutor from Chicago, resigned last week, calling out George Soros-backed State’s Attorney Kim Foxx for her lax approach to crime in Cook County in his exit email to colleagues.

The Chicago Contrarian blog received Poje’s email, which started off hopeful as he lauded his coworkers, including victim/witness advocates, investigators, support staff, police officers and detectives.

After thanking the staff, Poje explained his sudden departure from his position.

“The simple fact is that this State and County have set themselves on a course to disaster,” he wrote. “And the worst part is that the agency for whom I work has backed literally every policy change that has the predictable, and predicted, outcome of more crime and more people getting hurt.”

He cited as one example the harmful changes to bond reform, resulting in criminals running rampant through the streets and handicapping law enforcement’s ability to effectively protect civilians.

Poje also explained how this personally affected his family after his once decent neighborhood rapidly began to decline.

“Many years ago, my family found a nice corner of the suburbs,” he said. “Now my son, who is only 5, hears gunfire while playing at our neighborhood park, and a drug dealer is open-air selling behind my house (the second one in two years).”

As a result, he said it had become necessary for him to flee the Windy City altogether.

“If it were just me to consider, I’d stick it out,” he said.

“I’ve been through enough stupid State’s Attorney policies before,” he added. “But this Office’s complete failure to even think for a moment before rushing into one popular political agenda after another has put my family directly in harm’s way.”

Poje denounced Foxx for refusing to do her job “ethically and evenhandedly” and summarized the collateral damage resulting from her partisan efforts.

“The unavoidable consequences are what we are witnessing in real time, an increase in crime of all kinds, businesses and families pulling up the stakes, and the bodies piling up; the whole time with a State’s Attorney who insists there is nothing to see here, and if there is, it must be someone else’s fault,” he wrote.

He concluded his letter by reiterating his concern for his family and dismay at the transformation of his his home state.

“I will not raise my son here,” he said. “I am fortunate to have the means to escape, so my entire family is leaving the State of Illinois.”

Nonetheless, he lamented the fact that he was being forced from his own hometown under such circumstances.

“I grew up here, my family and friends are here, and yet my own employer has turned it into a place from which I am no longer proud to be, and in which my son is not safe,” he said.

The city of Chicago’s chronic crime problem has expanded in recent years. Several major companies have started closing locations in the city due to profit losses from riots and looting.

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