Pressure Mounts over Missing Voter Records in Fulton County, Ga.

'Raffensperger, note to self, stop whining and lawyer up! And while you’re at it, bro, get a criminal lawyer...'

Days after Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced his reversal on a decision that could potentially involve an audit of Georgia’s largest county, new details began to unfold concerning the shocking mishandling of legally mandated voter data.

The story surfaced Monday when Raffensperger tweeted that Fulton County, which encompasses much of Atlanta, had failed to produce all of its ballot drop-box transfer documents.

A Fulton County official acknowledged the development but downplayed its scope, claiming “a few forms are missing” and that “some procedural paperwork may have been misplaced.”

But reporting by the Georgia Star and Just the News shed further light on how serious the issue was that prompted the NeverTrump Republican Raffensperger to pledge, after seven months, to investigate.

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The Star reported, based on an open-records request, that nearly a quarter of the transfer forms—385 out of an estimated 1,565—that should have been provided by the county were missing.

According to the official tally, Trump garnered around 26% of the vote in the urban county to Biden’s 72%.

But the missing paperwork opened the window of possibility that a widespread, coordinated vote fraud effort could have swung both the county and the state.

In a statement Thursday, President Donald Trump praised the reporter who uncovered the scandal.

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“Thank you and congratulations to Laura Baigert of the Georgia Star News on the incredible reporting you have done,” Trump wrote. “Keep going! The scam is all unraveling fast.”

Fast on the scent, veteran conservative reporter John Solomon initiated his own deep dive, announcing his discovery, based on a review of previous audit documents, that 100 batches of absentee ballots may be missing.

“The problems in predominantly Democratic Fulton County potentially impact thousands of ballots in a presidential race that Joe Biden was certified as winning statewide by fewer than 12,000 votes,” Solomon noted.

Among the documents he uncovered was a private report from a contractor commissioned by Raffensperger to monitor the election.

“The report, which chronicled seven days of problems, recorded troubling behavior like the mysterious removal of a suitcase of sensitive election data known as polls pads, used to authenticate voters,” Solomon wrote.

Meanwhile, allegations arose that anti-election-integrity activist and failed Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams may have “controlled and financed the main contractor used in Fulton County elections during the Nov 3rd poll and the Jan 5th U.S. Senate runoff,” Creative Destruction Media reported.

“Evidence from a meeting of the Fulton County Commission “showed direct financial underwriting of the staffing service Happy Faces Personnel Group, by groups controlled by Abrams,” it said. “In other words, a highly partisan Democrat political operative controlled the elections in Fulton County, which also involved a Nigerian national.”

Already, renewed scrutiny has befallen leftist Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg over recent analyses showing he funneled grant money disproportionately to blue counties in the state for supposedly nonpartisan election support.

That included furnishing many of the suspicious drop-boxes, as well as helping pay the salaries of poll workers and other election officials through nonprofits like the Center for Tech and Civic Life.

In total, Zuckerberg is believed to have spent at least $51 million in Georgia alone to help sway the election in Democrats’ favor.

Pressure and criticism continued to mount against Raffensperger, with many claiming his failure to oversee the elections properly was tantamount to criminal misconduct.

“You can tweet all you want about new revelations,” said former Trump adviser Steve Bannon in a radio interview for Real America’s Voice.

“Yeah, new revelations because you sat there on national TV mocking Trump, mocking us, mocking everybody,” Bannon continued. “Show me the receipts!… Raffensperger, note to self, stop whining and lawyer up! And while you’re at it, bro, get a criminal lawyer. You don’t need an election lawyer. We’re past that. Get a criminal lawyer!”

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