Sunday, April 21, 2024

Poll Reveals ‘Seismic’ Shift as Dems Attract Entitled Elites, GOP Embraces Working Class

The former president's policies and platform have led to a massive growth of support among working and middle-class voters...

(John McCann, Headline USA) A new poll released by the New York Times has revealed a massive realignment between the two major political parties. Democrats are now the preferred party of the college-educated elite, while the GOP is quietly becoming the choice of the working class.

The Times/Siena poll has found a stark contrast between the party coalitions. Democrats currently hold a 20-point advantage among white, college-educated voters. This demographic voted Republican back in 2016, so this shift has moved quite rapidly.

On the other hand, the poll found a statistical tie for Hispanic vote preference. In 2018, Hispanics supported Democrats by 50-point margin. That support has since collapsed as many Latinos have turned sharply to the Right.

Republicans also hold a growing advantage among the white working class, with 46% of high school graduates aiming for a GOP Congress come November. This marks a remarkable shift, as Democrats have historically been considered the working man’s party.

As reported by Breitbart News, this realignment has been bolstered by Donald Trump. The former president’s policies and platform have led to a massive growth of support among working and middle-class voters. The GOP’s policy shift to economic nationalism, reduced immigration and restrained foreign policy has been crucial for the realignment.

An analysis by left-leaning Axios found that Democrat voters were becoming more “upscale,” putting more importance into social issues such as abortion and gun control. Meanwhile, the GOP has been building a “multiracial coalition” of working-class whites and Hispanics. The current economic malaise has surely accelerated this shift, along with former President Trump’s policies and rhetoric.

A microcosm for this dramatic shift is the state of Ohio, which was once a purple battleground state but has quickly become a GOP stronghold in response to the party’s populist bent.

Ohio Republicans like Senate nominee JD Vance are looking to solidify GOP gains in the state by focusing on a populist message. This platform, which calls for reeling in the excesses of big business, anti-trust measures, and fair trade is sure to strike a cord with Ohio voters. The state has long been a victim of de-industrialization and outsourcing.

These new electoral battle lines are sure to become more clear come November as both coalitions prepare for 2024.

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