Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Pelosi Goes Broadway as Dems Fund-Raise Off J6 Anniversary

'Our democracy is in the hands of the worst possible ‘defenders’ and when it’s completely gone no one should wonder why or how it happened... '

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is being criticized for producing a Jan. 6 ceremony that was decidedly off-key, after she brought in the Broadway show “Hamilton” to sing for the event, resulting in a disgraceful act of political theater.

“Video of the virtual performance quickly spread across social media, with many criticizing it as inappropriate,” reported the New York Post.

Others are also criticizing as inappropriate the rush by some Democrats to use J6 as a fundraising tool.

“Democrats wasted no time on Thursday to use the Capitol riot to fundraise for their own interests,” said Townhall. “From members of Congress to state governors to the Democratic National Committee, many emails were sent out to ask for political donations because of the riot last year.”

Democrats who sent fundraising emails include Rep. Pramila Jayapal from Washington, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, the Arizona Democrats, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak and Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison.

The “Hamilton” performance prompted one progressive union member to blast Pelosi for her decision.

“Our democracy is in the hands of the worst possible ‘defenders’ and when it’s completely gone no one should wonder why or how it happened,” said Scott Heins, a member of UAW Local 1981.

Conservatives have long criticized the J6 investigation as being politically motivated sport by Pelosi and other Democrats.

“This investigation is clearly a politically motivated fishing expedition, not a serious search for the truth,” wrote Jim Lamon at the Federalist. “A real investigation would hold the FBI accountable for failing to identify and apprehend the person caught on camera in the hours before Jan. 6 planting bombs outside the national headquarters of both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party.”

The J6 narrative is a part of the “democracy is in danger” narrative that Democrats are using to try to make radical changes like abolishing the Senate and packing the Supreme Court.

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