NYPD Released Illegal Alien 10 Times During Two-Year Crime Spree

'Jhonny Alejandro Soto-Ubaldo is one of many examples of how New York’s sanctuary city policies place the safety of the residents at risk...'

The New York Police Department arrested and released a criminal illegal alien 10 times in the past two years, despite requests from federal immigration authorities to take him into custody.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued 10 immigration detainers—one each time he was arrested—for Dominican national Jhonny Alejandro Soto–Ubaldo, but they were all ignored, according to a press release.

Each time the NYPD released Soto–Ubaldo, he re-offended.

The charges he accumulated in Queens and Nassau counties during the past two years include: assault, harassment, criminal mischief, grand larceny, petit larceny, criminal possession of stolen property and criminal possession of a firearm.

“Jhonny Alejandro Soto-Ubaldo is one of many examples of how New York’s sanctuary city policies place the safety of the residents at risk,” said Tony H. Pham, senior official performing the duties of the director for ICE.

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“Their willful uncooperative nature provides criminals such as Soto–Ubaldo the opportunity to re-offend,” he added.

The NYPD arrested Soto–Ubaldo for the first time in June 2018, but the department released him in defiance of an immigration detainer. Later that year, he was arrested and released again, and the NYPD ignored ICE’s second request.

The next year, the NYPD arrested and released Soto–Ubaldo six times between April and October 2019. ICE lodged immigration detainers with the NYPD after each arrest, but they were all rejected.

The US Marshal Service arrested Soto–Ubaldo this month and charged him with federal firearms violations. The Federal Bureau of Prisons currently holds him.

ICE lodged a detainer with the FBP, which will be obeyed after Soto–Ubaldo’s trial.

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“How can local politicians—in good conscience—say they’re protecting their constituents when they pass laws that release criminals back into our communities? asked Thomas R. Decker, field office director for ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations New York Field Office.

“Detainer non-cooperation threatens public safety,” he said. “It’s fortunate for the residents of New York City, that the subject is now being held on federal charges, and the ICE detainer will finally be honored.”

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