NY Business Owners Slam Cuomo for ‘Unfair’ Playoff Game Exception

'He can eat at some s*** roadside diner outside of Albany but he will not be served anywhere in New York City...'

New York business owners slammed Gov. Andrew Cuomo after he announced that thousands of Buffalo Bills fans would be allowed to attend the upcoming playoff game while businesses are forced to remain closed.

Cuomo announced last week that he would make an exception to his shutdown order so that he and thousands of other New Yorkers could be in the stadium for the Buffalo Bills’ playoff game.

Cuomo described the plan as a pilot program that will allow New York officials to determine whether large group gatherings can be conducted safely. But several New York business owners pointed out the hypocrisy of Cuomo’s latest decree.

“I want the same opportunity to have people come into the restaurant and dine,” Don Swartz, owner of Veneto Gourmet Pizza and Pasta, told Fox News.

“It’s a personal choice,” he continued. “If people feel comfortable about going to the Bills game in a safe manner, and we’re following the CDC guidelines … I want people to be able to make the same choice and come and support us, just as they’re going to go root on the Buffalo Bills.”

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Ralph Galluzzi, who owns a restaurant just a few minutes from the NFL stadium, said Cuomo’s playoff game exception is a slap in the face to hard-working New Yorkers who are just trying to make ends meet.

“I’m six minutes from the stadium, so anybody that wanted to stop before or after, I lose that,” Galluzzi said. “I feel that everything that is going on right now in the restaurant industry is totally unfair.”

Several business owners are suing Cuomo over his latest executive order forcing restaurants to close indoor dining. And several more have imposed lifetime bans on Cuomo.

“He can eat at some s*** roadside diner outside of Albany but he will not be served anywhere in New York City, known universally as the world’s greatest dining destination! If he has to use the restroom he can go pee on my street-corner,” bar owner Larry Baird said.

“He can dine at Gracie Mansion if wants hospitality in Manhattan,” another member added. “He ain’t getting it here!”

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