Tuesday, April 16, 2024

New Videos Expose Rancid Dishonesty of J6 Inquisition, Shred ‘Insurrection’ Narrative

'A whole new, and completely opposite, picture has now been indelibly painted... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) The impetus driving Democrats’ collective panic over the release of videos from the Jan. 6, 2021, protests at the U.S. Capitol came into sharp focus with footage that Fox News aired Monday, which shredded the J6 Inquisition and Biden regime narratives that the largely peaceful demonstration was a violent and deadly insurrection.

On everything from claims about federal provocateurs’ active involvement trying to instigate a riot and the death of a police officer at the hands of insurrectionists, to the portrayal of the notorious ‘QAnon Shaman’ as a dangerous domestic terrorist, the official regime narrative of J6 was revealed as a compilation of vile lies and political disinformation.

“Taken as a whole, the video record does not support the claim that January 6th was an insurrection. In fact, it demolishes that claim,” said Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., had provided with more than 40,000 hours of J6 video that has been withheld from public.

“Once you see the video, you will understand why,” Carlson said of the footage that seriously undermines and contradicts talking-points foisted on the public by fake news media, the J6 Inquisition and the Biden administration.

“That is exactly why the Democratic Party and its allies in the media prevented you from seeing it,” Carlson said. “By controlling the images you are allowed to view from January 6th, they control how the public understood that day.”

While Carlson said the tapes did show a “small percentage of [protestors] were hooligans” who “committed vandalism,” the “overwhelming majority” were “peaceful, orderly and meek,” Carlson said and video showed.

The video “does not show an insurrection or a riot in progress. Instead it shows police escorting protesters through the Capitol.”

That would include Jacob Chansley, better known as the QAnon Shaman, a 33-year-old Navy veteran who has been cast as “the face of Jan. 6th, a dangerous conspiracy theorist dressed in an outlandish costume who led the violent insurrection to overthrow American democracy,” Carlson said. “The tapes show the Capitol police never stopped Jacob Chansley. They helped him. They acted as his tour guides.”

Chansley, who was sentenced to nearly four years for “obstructing an official proceeding,” said in a jailhouse interview that, “The one very serious regret that I have [is] believing that when we were waved in by police officers that it was acceptable.”

The videos aired by Carlson also shed more light on the suspect activities of reported Fed-plant Ray Epps, and revealed overt lies that have been pushed concerning his involvement and movements connected to J6.

“Tonight, we can tell you that at the very least, Ray Epps lied in his sworn testimony to the January 6th committee,” Carlson said. “Epps testified that when he sent the text messages to his nephew, he had already left the Capitol grounds to return to his hotel room. That is not true.”

Video footage showed that Epps was at the Capitol for at least an additional half-hour. What he was doing is anybody’s guess.

“What was Epps doing there? We can’t say, but we do know that he lied to investigators. The January 6th committee likely knew this too. Democrats had access to the same tape, yet they defended Ray Epps,” Carlson said, noting that the point of the J6 committee was “never to investigate anything.”

“The point was to stage a made-for-TV show trial. From the opening moments, the tone of the hearings was almost comically overheated and polemical,” Carlson said. “There is not a tragedy in American history that Democrats didn’t liken to the protests of January 6th.”

Exploiting the death of Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick for political gain was revealed as another example of J6 Democrats and their media collaborators pushing gross disinformation to fit a specific narrative.

Former President Donald Trump praised the videos’ public release, posting on Truth Social that, “The Unselect Committee was a giant SCAM, and has now unequivocally been stamped as CRIMINAL FABRICATORS OF THIS MOST IMPORTANT DAY,” and demanding that prosecuted J6 protestors be released.

“Pelosi & McConnell failed on security. The Police story is sad and difficult to watch. ‘Trump’ and most others are totally innocent, LET THEM GO FREE, NOW!”

“A whole new, and completely opposite, picture has now been indelibly painted,” Trump wrote concerning the new video footage. “The Unselect Committee LIED, and should be prosecuted for their actions. Nancy & Mitch were a disaster on Security. Thank you Kevin and Tucker. FREE AT LAST!!!”

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