Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Once on Leftist Chopping Block, NASA’s Space Program Survives by Going Woke

'The Journey to Mars has been the ObamaCare of space exploration---expensive, unsustainable, and not designed to do what it is alleged to do...'

(John RansomHeadline USA) Heavily criticized as a waste of money compared to combatting global warming or taxing billionaires, NASA has discovered that the key to making space exploration palatable for progressives is through woke virtue-signaling.

The space agency’s current Artemis mission is promising above all else to “put a woman and a person of color on the Moon,” keys aims of Joe Biden’s progressive presidency, according to MSN.

Just last month, the progressive site Vox said that space, today, was reserved only for white, male billionaires and the money spent by NASA would be better spent on “pressing earthly causes, like fair wages for workers, taxes, medical research, climate change, or world hunger.”

Vox cited a 2018 Pew poll that said Americans viewed manned space exploration as lower down on the priority list for NASA, with more than 60% saying NASA should monitor key earth systems for climate change and asteroids.

The message came loud and clear to NASA: in order to continue fulfilling their charter purpose of space exploration, they, like many other government agencies, needed to recalibrate their objectives to meet the Left’s superficial race-hustling demands.

“With Artemis missions, NASA will land the first woman and first person of color on the Moon, using innovative technologies to explore more of the lunar surface than ever before,” said the NASA mission site.

The Artemis missions are designed to build a permanent base camp on the Moon and a lunar gateway to support the camp in preparation for human space flight to Mars.

The next lunar landing by humans is expected in 2024 according to NASA documents.

This month, NASA is supposed to test an unmanned version of its new space launch system, said Space.com.

Or maybe, the correct term should now be the more Orwellian “un-personed” test.

In either event, NASA is setting its sights on getting people back into space after the decade of neglect under Obama, who set big, unattainable goals for the very reason that they would be too expensive to reach, said Mark Whittington.

“The Journey to Mars has been the ObamaCare of space exploration—expensive, unsustainable, and not designed to do what it is alleged to do,” said Whittington in the Hill.

That all changed when Trump revamped the space program with a more realistic way to get to Mars.

Yet, with radical leftists now at the helm again, one thing is for certain about the new project, said the Gateway Pundit: White men need not apply.

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