MURDOCK: NeverTrumpers Must Ignore Window-Dressing and Consider the Whole Package

'As voters pick the Oval Office’s next occupant, they should imagine it’s Christmas morning....'

(Deroy Murdock, Headline USA) Focus on public policy! This is what I have advised others to do since Donald J. Trump secured the Republican nomination in 2016.

Some people—including otherwise intelligent and thoughtful free-market and cultural conservatives—cannot tolerate Trump’s larger-than-life persona, his often grandiose statements, his Twitter blasts and the sneaking suspicion that he might be the reincarnation of P.T. Barnum.

Some Americans find the president’s quirks and conduct amusing. Others are appalled.

President Trump’s antics make me grin more than they make me grimace. Regardless, I focus on public policy: What legislation has he signed? What has he vetoed? Do his actions as president make Americans freer, safer, and more prosperous? Do America’s enemies advance or retreat in his presence?

As voters pick the Oval Office’s next occupant, they should imagine it’s Christmas morning. A large, mysterious box sits beneath a shimmering tree. Is it covered in soothing, lovely wrapping paper or in months-old newsprint? Who cares? The box’s contents matter.

Former vice president Joe Biden generally exudes a vaguely calming tone. His empathetic demeanor, perhaps forced by multiple family tragedies, also amplifies his appeal. For some people, that’s plenty. They, especially Republicans in their midst, should meditate long and hard on what Biden actually would do as president.

While Biden might seems warmer and toastier than Trump, his public policy will be colder than Siberia if he shutters Washington, D.C.’s school voucher program, as threatened.

Biden’s vaunted compassion will be lost on thousands of poor, mainly black kids who would have no choice but to return to often-dangerous, reliably dysfunctional government schools. While their minds would be crushed, Biden’s teachers-union masters would cheer.

Conversely, a second Trump term promises school choice for every parent.

President Trump has created 8,700 Opportunity Zones, largely in low-income minority neighborhoods. Incentives have attracted some $75 billion in private investment to these communities. If Biden kills the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, as he has pledged, wave goodbye to Opportunity Zones.

Biden hopes to grant citizenship to 11 million illegal aliens. Most of them likely would vote Democrat. This would steepen GOP election prospects.

Free healthcare for illegal aliens? Biden’s prescription is malpractice for an already overburdened medical system and a morbidly obese federal budget.

Biden now claims he “will not ban fracking,” which could become his “Read my lips: No new taxes” moment. Or, he could nominally keep this promise while also appeasing his fossil-fuel-loathing, far-Left base by hindering natural-gas exploration—crucial to the economies of many purplish states—with bureaucratic red tape.

Why kill fracking when you simply can study it nearly to death, as Obama-Biden did the Keystone Pipeline? Thankfully, President Trump greenlighted that pipeline.

While President Trump proposes patriotic education and Americanism in U.S. classrooms, Biden–Harris most likely would set the anti-American 1619 Project on a fast track via the Department of Education.

After Trump ditched Critical Race Theory training within federal agencies, Biden–Harris would resurrect it in the U.S. government and perhaps impose it on the private sector.

As happened recently at the federal Sandia Laboratories, white males would be subjected to mandatory re-education sessions where they would be denounced as racists and forced to apologize for being born white.

“I will end the Muslim ban on Day One,” Biden said. This policy does not ban Muslims. Rather it limits arrivals by foreigners who have traveled through several nations designated by Obama–Biden as either tainted by terror or hobbled by insufficient security standards.

Biden would throw the Golden Door open to these travelers, some from nations that sponsor terrorism. What could go wrong?

And, among other planned blunders, a President Biden would revive the Iran Nuclear Deal. Appeasing the ayatollahs surely will unravel the growing Middle East peace that President Trump has orchestrated by isolating Tehran.

Voters are free to reject President Trump’s eccentricities. But if Joe Biden prevails, the ensuing far-Left agenda will be the steep price that 330 million Americans pay to satisfy the Trump haters’ burning desire never to see his face again.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research


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