Monday, June 24, 2024

MSNBC Claims Duly Elected House GOP Is a ‘Terrorist Organization’

'This guy’s been beat down by the far-right and his own party for so wrong that he’s convinced himself that he’s in love with Marjorie Taylor Greene...'

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) An MSNBC contributor threw gasoline on the flammable dung-heap that is the far-left channel’s editorial credibility by suggesting that newly empowered House Republicans belonged to a “terrorist organization,” Breitbart reported.

Jason Johnson, a journalism instructor at Morgan State University and go-to source for bombastic rhetoric, made the remark on Monday’s broadcast of The 11th Hour, hosted by the equally suspect Stephanie Ruhle.

It came during a discussion of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., who recently declared his unconditional support for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga.

“I will never leave that woman,” McCarthy allegedly told a friend. “I will always take care of her.”

Johnson used the opportunity to offer an amateur psychoanalysis of McCarthy, claiming that he has become a servant to right-wing extremists.

“It’s one thing to say, that’s my work wife. Right?” he began.

“And it’s something else when you have Stockholm Syndrome. That’s what we have here,” he continued. “This guy’s been beat down by the far-right and his own party for so wrong that he’s convinced himself that he’s in love with Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

Johnson’s remarks followed a divisive political season in which President Joe Biden and other Democrats actively vilified their political opponents as a campaign strategy by declaring them an existential “threat to democracy.”

But despite a better-than-expected midterm performance that allowed Democrats to retain control of the narrowly divided Senate, the dangerous rhetoric from the Left has not subsided.

“Now, look, I make no judgment on who people line up with, but if you want to be in love with the terrorist sympathizer, that speaks volumes about whether or not you should be equipped to be potentially third in line to leave this country and case of a tragedy,” Johnson said.

Although McCarthy has been criticized for being too moderate by many GOP lawmakers, who forced 15 rounds of voting recently before electing him as House speaker, Johnson claimed he was merely a “front” for the party’s fringe elements.

“You have a dime-store front for a terrorist organization,” he claimed. “And this is just the public attempt to watch that relationship and pretend that they’re running a party under the guise of this brand-new BFF love relationship that they have because McCarthy has no spine and no love for this country.”

Of course, Johnson’s attack merely echoed a longstanding partisan talking point from the fringes of his own party. The radical Left has been describing the Right as terrorists routinely since former President Donald Trump was elected.

Last year, the website Salon also declared the GOP had “morphed, like an evil insect emerging from a chrysalis, into its final form: a terrorist organization.”

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